Saturday, March 30, 2013

What A Difference A Golden Spoon Makes

Growing up with a golden spoon in your mouth must sure be grand
I must express my disappointment in Utah State Senator district 21 Aaron Osmond after reading the papers this week. I sure as heck hope his words were being taken wildly out of context because if not he has some explaining to do to his party and to the people of Utah.

   According to the Salt Lake Tribune Aaron Osmond reportedly stated that Utah “needs to do it’s jobs” and raise taxes on the people to pay for education and transportation. Only someone who has grown up with a golden spoon in their mouths could ever put forward the idea that Utah needs to raise tax rates for education and transportation at a time when the average family is making generally less money and the cost of living is increasing at a dramatic rate.

   Granted Utah’s unemployment rate is pretty low compared to other states, but the lower tax environment is part of what has helped attracted businesses here and hasn’t deferred the reduction in wages experienced by those who are finding work here, but not at the rate they had been making previously. Still, Utah’s business friendly tax model as it is makes it a better place to look for work as businesses are fleeing higher taxed states to create jobs here. Take Adobe for instance who recently fled California to set up shop here in Utah, but again, despite all that many Utah residents are still struggling to make ends meat. That there are Republican legislators that out of touch with the kitchen table needs of constituents is an outrage, but what can we expect from a man whose last name has probably opened every door he has encountered for him?

   Many of us are having to cut back on our lifestyles. Just using myself as an example here I worked for an amazing company who paid me pretty well, but suffered in the current economy and had to undergo a restructuring which lead to a number of us having our positions eliminated. I cannot find a job out there that offers anywhere near the kind of pay I used to enjoy, I therefore must tighten my proverbial belt and make the changes to my spending necessitated by the change in my finances. At a time when Obama is calling for minimum wage to be increased to $9.00 an hour many employers, it seems, are unable to pay much more than $10.00 an hour, not that they don’t want to mind you, but just as the cost of living has gone up so too has the cost of doing business, especially with Obamacare looming on the horizon. It’s also worth noting that there is no way to defeat that minimum wage increase, which is wildly popular, but will devalue the pay check of anyone making more than minimum wage and will contribute wildly to our already out of control inflation.

   Inflation is eating many of us out of house and home as well, food and energy costs are way up from where they were four years ago. Yet at a time when you are paying more than ever before for food and darn close to record highs for gas a certain Utah Republican thinks it would be a good idea to raise the gas tax on you and re-introduce the food tax increasing your costs of living more than they already have been… but relax, it’s for the children after all. Is it Senator Osmond? Or is it about appeasing your buddies in the teacher’s unions (UEA). Not the teachers mind you, the unions?

   Many of us are struggling enough as it is; it is unconscionable that Senator Osmond would then take it a step further recommending that tax increases be tied to the rate of inflation. This unimaginable tyranny is unacceptable, especially from a Republican. Are my wages tied to the rate of inflation? No. How dare you assume then that I and the 99% of the rest of us “non-government” workers are a limitless oil well that can be drilled deeper and harder year in and year out. Our resources are finite.

   The Republican Party ought to be the party of the working man and woman, the party that promotes responsible and affordable solutions for government, not more government sponsored programs like expanding Pre-School in Utah, but solutions that include budget cuts and restructuring to accommodate the quickly diminishing wealth of our nation which is vanishing at a rapid rate. Don’t talk to me about Wall-Street, Wall-Street’s numbers are meaningless when you account for inflation.

   I agree that funding education is getting progressively more expensive at the same time it is getting less efficient (because education is controlled by radical progressives), but increasing the burden on the people is not the solution. After all if a great company like the one I had been working for has to undergo restructuring to accommodate its business needs so too can the government and especially education. Superintendents don’t need to be making $100,000 a year while the rest of us struggle to put food on the table. Start there, screw the union. I am sick of them dictating policy in Utah. Start there.

   Government workers living so large while leaving so little for the rest of us is unacceptable, so while State Senator Aaron Osmond is proposing new taxes to solve the problem I suggest retuning him to the Private Sector at the next election as the start of the real solution. Let him move from a job making 30,000 a year to making $20,000 a year as has happened to so many people I know and see how he likes hearing government workers suggest the raid on his paycheck be tied to the rate of inflation… which of course is ridiculously out of control because people like Senator Osmond in Washington DC can’t get their spending under control in the first place.

   Growing up with a golden spoon may have clouded your judgment Senator Osmond. Maybe it’s time you start talking to real people about what Government needs to be doing rather than your puppet masters at UEA. You’ll have to pardon my impertinence but I find it more than annoying that the private sector is always expected to cut back and restructure but the government always finds a way to avoid this by fleecing its citizens “just a little more.” Damn the cost to those constituents.


  1. Aaron Osmond didn't grow up with a golden spoon, it's easily verifiable that all the money that he has, he earned. All of Virl's kids distanced themself from the famous Osmond name, for various reasons. Needless to say, these are not the same spoiled Osmond kids we have seen elsewhere.

    1. While that is excellent feedback and good to know, and while I will apologize then for my assumptions about his background, unless Aaron Osmond has been misquoted or taken out of context, which my opinion piece did state I hope is the case, his tax proposals are dangerous and illustrate his loyalties are to the UEA and not to the people of Utah. We need to be looking at ways to decrease the costs of living and doing business. Tax increases, especially those he proposed, will only make things harder for us. If he cannot get off the tax increase bandwagon then I cannot get off the idea that he should be replaced with someone who can.