Monday, February 21, 2011

Telling the Truth: RE Wisconsin Protesters.

I’m sick (again) and at home watching Neil Cavuto today and I see a story about Drs in Wisconsin writing fake Drs notes for the protesters who are skipping out at work to demand a continuation of their fleecing the sweat of our brow to pad their own pockets. I guess you’re about to see how much Ayn Rand has influenced my thinking…

They had Brett Healy trying to talk about the dishonesty of the Drs and the leftists behind him were so committed to free speech that they kept shouting him down by screaming “tell the truth!” rendering it impossible to hear anything Healy had to say. So comitted to freedom of speech is the left they won't let anyone opposed to thier view speak. Whatever.

Here’s the truth. These are public employees. Generally speaking Public employees, including teachers, get more than the rest of us do. The worker is being taxed to death for the purposes of filling the pockets of the parasite class. That the governor of Wisconsin has asked that the Unions start contributing a small amount of their own wages toward the otherwise tax payer fed pensions and benefits shouldn’t be the issue at hand. How dare he stand up for the productive class, right?! Instead he, and the GOP, who for the first time in ages are really trying to look out for us are the bad guys.

The truth is that no one should be able to live off the backs of other people’s sweat. The truth is that these public workers are out their stealing time from the public in a strike that they won’t call a strike for legal reasons, shutting down the very schools they claim to care about, denying the very children they claim to care about an education and lying about their motives. This isn’t about the children, its about themselves. Whether or not a public worker has to contribute to their own retirement (as the rest of us do) does not impact that child’s education one iota! They should not be paid any more than we are, nor should they have benefits more generous than ours. Their jobs exist at the expense of the worker and the productive class. They would do well to remember whose blood they’re sucking.

Its time for the public employees to tell the truth, that they are the most greedy, self interested parasites on the planet. Good for the Governor of Wisconsin! It’s about time someone told these parasites they can’t keep sucking our blood the way they have been.

It is perhaps irony that the leftist icon FDR warned that allowing public workers to unionize was a bad idea. This is one of those rare moments where I think that Democrat might have been right. Perhaps the next move that should be made is dismantling public unions. I have no problem with unions in the productive sector, as they are still having to produce their own wealth, but unions in the parasitic sector are sucking the blood and sweat off of other people and it is a disgusting practice that aught to be stopped.

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