Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Charity knows no class

My heart goes out to the Japan. I love and greatly admire the Japanese people, I’ve always taken inspiration from their work ethic and dedication to education. I firmly believe there is a lot we as Americans can learn from the productivity and the dignity of the Japanese people.

The devastation caused by the massive earthquake and the tsunami that followed it and the nuclear crisis they are facing now has left a swath of destruction in its wake. Though the Japanese are not panicking they are hurting now as food clothing and shelter are all in short supply. Its an opportunity for America to show the world that we are indeed the most generous people in the world. Helping Japan would also be a much better use of American time and treasure than this pointless war in Libya.

Shockingly it seems as though the overall American response to Japan was at first nill followed by a trickle of aid coming from the Red Cross, the LDS Church and a few others. There doesn’t seem to be the same kind of interest in coming to the aid of the Japanese the way we did for the Haitians.

I was in Wendy’s with my wife talking about this and I asked her why we are so eager to dive head first into Libya to aid a group of rebels with known links to our enemies (Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood) and yet we seem absent in relief efforts for our friends in Japan? Then an absolutely brilliant (Sarcasm) college age kid who must have overheard the question blurted out “because Japan is rich!” Dear God what has become of America?

Justice wears a blindfold for a reason. It is why the concept of true, or equal justice under the law and social justice (code for government imposed redistribution of wealth from less favored people to more favored people) cannot co-exist. One is impartial, the other has favorites based on class and race. One is willing to help and defend all the other will pick and choose again based on who the preferred class or race is.

To me Justice and Charity go hand in hand. The just or right thing to do is to send aid to Japan regardless of their economic status. We don’t pick and choose who we’re going to help when there are good people suffering. The Christian thing to do is to be there for those in need regardless of race or perceived class. All are equal before God. He does not pick favorites based on class or race and neither should we.

Whatever the hold up is its time we get the lead out and given the nuclear problems Japan is having I mean that literally…

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