Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oil prices still too high. Outraged yet?

Imagine the following; given the upheaval in the middle east, the situation in Japan and all the global chaos gas prices are through the roof. It is true that oil prices have eased given the situation in Japan, but odds are that until the nuclear reactors are back online they are going to have a surge in demand for oil as the country tries to get back on it’s feet. This combined with the willful stupidity of our government and the green freak eco-fascists that control them. If we were producing our own energy the prices would not be so high. But wait, its going to get worse.

Imagine, and I know this is looking less and less likely, but imagine if Libya falls. Now I hate Gaddafi as much as any Conservative, and the rebel in me is quietly rooting for the rebels but I am not stupid. I know that the chaos will impact oil prices. I will even join the Left in hating the petroleum industry entirely, though my ire is directed at OPEC and BP not US based companies. That said exactly what have we done to try and move away from Oil and the inevitable $5.00 a gallon gas? I doubt our already fragile economy can handle the sharp increase in prices.

But wait, it gets worse. There’s trouble in Saudi Arabia! God forbid Saudi Arabia should fall and the oil flow there stops. We’re looking at a situation where host countries of OPEC could all come crashing down. I’m not saying it will, I am saying it could… Imagine it, $11 a gallon. Think you can afford it?

Right Now I’m spending some $500 a month in gas, and let me tell you my car is newer and gets some 29 miles to the gallon. I’m getting killed in gas prices. I am outraged, but more than that I know how devastating this can be to our country. At $5.00 a gallon no one will be able to afford to work-no work, no productivity, no exchange of funds, no tax revenue, no food on our tables, no comforts of life as our debtors will confiscate anything of value that isn’t paid off. Never underestimate the danger of mass hunger and discomfort.

At this point Tea Party and establishment Republicans need to start addressing this, and other pocket book and pothole issues now. Quite simply gas prices are crippling and the continued increase in the cost of living is inexcusable. The continued inaction in solving this problem is inexcusable. If we continue to ignore this problem it could lead to the complete destruction global economy and the United States and our beloved Constitution with it.

No amount of budget cuts can save us if oil prices continue to soar, although the budget cuts are needed as well. This cycle I will be looking for the Republican candidates local and national who will be making this a central issue. It needs to be addressed locally and nationally. We need to develop our own resources, all of them, oil, wind, water, nuclear, geo-thermal, bio… all of it. I know both Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich will make this issue front and center… I want to believe they are serious about taking action to solve this energy crisis once and for all, but will Hatch? Will the Governor? Will you?

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