Sunday, April 17, 2011

Major victories at the Salt Lake County GOP Convention

I have said before I have been a strong supporter of Governor Herbert and Lt Governor Bell in the past. I have a deep respect for them and insist that anyone I agree with 80% of the time is my friend… I just happened to disagree with them on the issue of HB 116 and for those of us who have been respectful advocates of the repeal of HB116 we managed a major victory last night.

Governor Herbert is often times a very pro-active governor, and our legislature likewise felt that doing something about illegal immigration was better than waiting for the federal government to act upon it. The solutions that were passed this year were unconstitutional, what’s worse is that by passing an unconstitutional measure of this magnitude it made the state, who is involved in a law suite challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare appear extraordinarily hypocritical.

As a consequence many of Utah’s activist communities have been involved in calling for a repeal of HB116, self included. We won a resolution calling for a repeal at County Central Committee. We won it in a landslide. However the supporters of the measure complained that there was a procedural problem which prevented the matter from being debated clearly and fairly. I disagree of course, where I was sitting the demand was clearly to just move it forward because everyone was mad about it and wanted to pass the resolution.

Needless to say the resolution was put forward again at the County Organizing Convention along side an amendment to the state platform which uses the state party platform’s language on illegal immigration in order to strengthen the county party’s position on the matter. Another resolution on whether or not to support the controversial “Utah Compact” was put forward.

I have cautioned before that those pushing the Utah Compact are not necessarily trustworthy people. -1 The Utah Compact is dangerous, and deliberately written to tug at the heart strings. It is likely why the LDS Church stated that they support some of the principals of the compact, but did not, as a point of fact, sign it. The Church was not a part of the compact as a result. -2. The LDS Church has been a strong advocate of capitalism and individualism throughout its existence.-3 It has had to be to defend itself against those seeking to manipulate the church members into communism using misinformation regarding the United Order. I believe the church leaders recognized what was happening and who was behind the Utah Compact and while agreeing to the heart string principals it distanced itself from directly endorsing Utah HB 116.

The LDS Church never sponsored either directly, and the behavior of the backers of the Utah Compact and HB 116 has been disgusting as they have tried (as progressives often do) to manipulate our elected officials by putting out the idea that the church was behind this as well. It’s a lie, but given the indirect nature of the support the measures did get its easy to see where the confusion came from. However in a clarifying statement from the Church it was stated clearly that, “Our focus during the legislative session was to encourage laws that incorporated these principles. The Church did not dictate what kinds of bills should be proposed.” They did, much to my disappointment, go on to say, “we consider the comprehensive package passed by lawmakers to be a responsible approach to a very complicated issue.”-4 These statements are extremely vague and deliberately so, but understand the church never directly got involved with these bills. Frankly, 9 times out of ten the various religions of the world shouldn’t be dragged in to win a political debate. The Church’s clarifying statement made clear their discontent for the Salt Lake Tribune misrepresenting their position as abandonment of “claims to neutrality" on these bills.-5

Members of the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration have since contacted the church PR representative who told them that they regret that the comments of Bishop David Burton are being used by the supporters of HB 116 as the church never sponsored any of these bills. The Coalition was informed April 8th 2011 that those who are making these claims, including some legislators should stop.-6

The PR rep then told the coalition to review both the 12th Article of Faith as well as D&C 58:21… Funny! That’s the scripture I used in my Protesters at our picnic pt 3 video, remember? Good to know I was barking up the right tree! They also referred the Coalition to the LDS policy on Immigration which suggest members stay in their homeland to build up the Church there. -7 That policy makes sense because that is the best way to establish a global influence and build a relationship with other nations which will then welcome the Gospel of Christ.

The other issue which disgusted me was the name calling, not from Coalition Members and Tea Partiers… we were quite polite while expressing our views, but rather the so called “moderates” who hissed the phrase “Tea Partiers” with venomous hate dripping from their fangs and alluded to us being “racists” and directly insulting us by referring to us as the “shrill voices on the far right” while at the same time accusing us of incivility and demanding that we go along to get along… Well the problem for this group of “moderates” is that we surround them. We are the majority.

While the amendment to the county platform failed so too did the resolution in support of the Utah Compact… not because the principles in the document are wrong mind you, they were designed by their authors to tug at heartstrings… The problem is that we are not as stupid as the progressives think we are. We knew full well the kind of legislation the document was engineered to inspire and they got what they wanted… except they also got Sandstorm’s enforcement bill which I guarantee the Democrats are demanding be repealed. Mission accomplished.

The more nefarious goals of shady people like Archie Archuletta and La Raza should never be over looked. These types of folks are the ones who write up the brilliant heart string slogans like “War is not the answer.” They are good at manufacturing public opinion, and while this has worked in the past we are on to them now. Therefore, recognizing the intent behind the Utah Compact was indeed nefarious the Salt Lake County struck down the resolution supporting it.

The final resolution demanded a repeal of HB 116. It passed. The liberal news spun it so it was a “narrow majority,” based on the ground that the vote required a standing hand count to clear, however a look at the numbers reveal that the measure passed by over 50 votes. In a group of about 300-400 people that is not a small majority. This measure passed 256-192. That is a 64 point majority.

The vitriolic hateful and “extreme” element of the self proclaimed “moderate” wing of the party is going to have to realize one simple truth, they may have liked the old George W Bush business-as-usual approach to doing things, but they could not have won what we won with out us so called “shrill voices.” The days of the old guard is done. The victories in defeating the Utah Compact and its supporters and the acceptance, twice now, of resolutions demanding a repeal of HB 116 mean that there will be a backlash against public servants who supported these measures who are always quick to point out that they are our friend 80% of the time, but then disparage us as “shrill voices” in the same breath. Yes, we do agree 80% of the time… but now we surround them, meaning it’s their turn to go along to get along with us.

On our side of this inter-family argument we still have yet to make the knock out argument which must be made in all future conventions and especially at the state convention. That winning argument is this; “It is ruthlessly unfair to say to the Legal Immigrants and legal citizens of Utah that we have a 7.6% unemployment rate and no jobs for you, but there are plenty for those who break the law to get here.” Delegates must make this argument to persuade those on the fence. HB 116 creates a privileged class out of those who break the law of the land to be here at the expense of Utah’s working class.

And as Gregg Gutfield would say, “and if you disagree with me you’re a racist, homophobe who wants to kill women.”

Sideline: Congratulations to Julie Dole for her wining the Party Chair position. Julie is among the hardest working folks I know and is a wonderfully principled individual and a strong leader. She will do great things as Party Chair. I look forward to helping the Salt Lake County GOP continue to win new seats in 2012 under her leadership.

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-2 Church supports Principals of Utah Compact on Immigration
-3 For a comprehensive examination of this please review the book Prophets, Principles and national survival now available online for free at
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  1. Very well stated and to the point as usual Dan! Bravo and thank You again for laying out so simply even I can understand and agree!

  2. Thank you very much! Its a great feeling to know that positive changes are happening as the new guard replaces the old guard. We got a ways to go but for the first time in a long time I am optimistic for the future :)