Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Left and the Right are wrong about Batman

 I think the world of Chris Nolan. Though a committed leftist Chris has used Batman to explore the world of the Right, Batman went from being ordinary silly super hero to a committed anti-terrorist, and even the proof that the wealthy, through charity do help the poor, and he became the destroyer of an Occupy Wall Street-like movement. We on the right should be singing this guy all kinds of praise for being so open minded, especially since we are used to outright hostility from Hollywood. Oddly I am seeing a lot of people instead use this movie to call for censorship, which isn’t a very conservative response at all… Colorado suffered a major tragedy at the hands of a mad man claiming to be the Joker. Twelve people are dead, many more wounded. My heart aches for these people and their families, but both the right and leftist media have been politicizing this matter and it’s making me angry (and you wouldn’t like it when I’m angry… wait wrong super hero movie…).

 In the left corner, Obama and his wing nut, nutty nut extremist Democrats arguing for greater gun control. The argument that if the guns hadn’t been there, no one would have gotten hurt has been recycled, and is simply not true. Gun violence in heavily restrictive cities like New York and Chicago is actually a great deal higher than in areas where there are more law abiding gun owners. It simply acts as a deterrent. Why break into a house in Tooele Utah when you know you’re going to get shot? We’re practically all gun owners out here, we don’t really see a lot of gun violence. Nope, those crimes occure where there are fewer gun owners, like in West Jordan where a burglar got shot climbing through a victims window… Oh wait. See deterrent? How about that stabber during that stabbing spree that got shot by a citizen who didn’t want to see innocent people continue to get hurt? Where there are guns crime is diminished, and when crimes do occur they are cut short. Period. If anything the tragedy of Aurora Colorado aught to have sent the message that someone in that theater should have been concealed and carrying. The minute the gunman opened fire he’d have been taken out. Fewer people would have been hurt and lives would have been saved.
 I personally do not carry. My wife does, she does have a permit to, but you’d never know. I’ve been around guns… oh well ever since I married my sweet Texas girl. I admit I was nervous at first but after going this long without incident I am comfortable with the idea of having guns around, and in fact the more gun owners in a neighborhood the safer I feel because I know that burglars and other criminals won’t come near here. Also Occupy Salt Lake wouldn’t dare try to pull people out of their houses and execute them in the name of “the people” because they know they’ll be shot. Should Occupy Oakland attempt anything like that in California or Occupy Wall Street itself in New York the stricter gun laws means fewer armed citizens ripe to be the victims of revolutionary violence.
   In the Right corner, however, seems to be a small handful of Radio Show hosts (who will remain nameless since some are local) who have entertained the idea of blaming the movies themselves for this tragedy. You know violence is all throughout history. Hitler had no video games to inspire him, and Saladin had no movies to reference. Vlad Tepes had very few books available. Evil will do evil by virtue of the fact that it is evil. Even if you ignore the first amendment and the protections it guarantees all people, including entertainers, the reality is that removing violent media or all media from the public square will do nothing to stop this kind of violence. Batman should not be blamed for what happened. This kid modeled himself after the villain anyway, what kind of sane person would do that? We go to movies to root for the hero, it takes a very sick mind to root for the bad guy indeed. But even without the existence of the Batman movie this shooter wanted to hurt people, he was going to do it no matter what.
 For the Right to proclaim itself the defenders of liberty to put forward censorship as a solution to these kinds of problems is oxymoronic. Either we believe in the first amendment and that includes the freedom of speech and with it freedom of expression or we are no better than the left who clearly do not believe in the 2nd amendment.

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