Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nothing to blame but the individual responsible

This weekend I was going to write about Blue Ocean Marketing and how the GOP, instead of freaking out about how we need to move left to attract people who never vote for us could instead use Blue Ocean Marketing to achieve an outreach to an entire market of new voters. Nevertheless three shootings occurred which changed the nature of my blog this weekend. I know a lot of folks are in shock and mourning, my heart goes out to the victims, but I am concerned because there’s already talk from the Ruling Class about gun control, petitions on demanding our rights to bear arms be infringed to stop crimes like this, but there’s a problem. Connecticut and Oregon are both states which are deep blue, and both have tight gun regulations already and both have to cede the point that their tight gun regulations did nothing to stop these shootings.

 The one shooting no one is talking about is the one at an Alabama Hospital, why isn’t it being talked about? Because the shooter wounded three people before being shot dead himself by someone else who happened to be carrying a fire arm. Alabama? Red state with loose gun regulations.  A similar incident occurred here in Utah a few years ago at Trolley Square where a gunman opened fire at mall shoppers but was stopped dead in his tracks by a concealed carry permit holder who happened to be carrying. You almost never hear about these types of incidents in Red States for a reason, mutually assured destruction works. If you break into a house in Utah or Texas do so at your own risk, odds are you’re getting shot, ergo our crime rates are actually pretty low in comparison to Blue States like Illinois where in Chicago, in spite of Illinois’ recently ruled unconstitutionally tight gun regulations gangs rule the streets shooting up neighborhoods at will doing so because they know the people cannot defend themselves.

 I hate it when people use national tragedies to push forward a political agenda. Instead of allowing people to absorb this horror on the left we blame guns, on the right movies and video games which is the next area I want to discuss briefly. Most anti-Hollywood and anti-Gaming legislation has come from the left, but it is always the Right which immediately blames them whenever something like this happens, and to their credit without calling for censorship usually, but still… Hollywood and video games are a reflection of the culture not the other way around. We create these products with the purchasing choices we make, and most of the games that sell super well are games like Mario and you don’t exactly see a lot of kids stomping Turtles and kicking their shells down the street do you? If video games were causing people to mimic what they see in games it would look more like this:

 At the end of the day we need to face reality. Guns, movies and games don’t kill people, people kill people. There is no one to blame for these shootings but the shooters. I would like to know when we as a society are going to grow up and be adults about matters like this instead of trying to lay blame on everything but those actually responsible which is the decisions made by the individual doing the shootings.

 Again my heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones this week. It is regrettable that the our Evil Empire Ruling Class and their tools in the Media have decided to politicize this further victimizing families that are already suffering by making them props for a political debate no one actually wants to have right now.


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