Monday, January 27, 2014

Media Bias in Utah’s News Running Rampant

There is a reason our media lies to us. To generate poll results like the ones released by Pew Research Center today:
Democrats are more willing to work with those across the aisle than Republicans, and they have a better understanding of the plight of the average American than those in the GOP, while Republicans are more extreme, a new poll finds.

Fifty-two percent of Americans say that Democrats are more willing to work with Republicans, while only 27 percent think Republicans are willing to work with Democrats, according to the latest poll from the
Pew Research Center, taken Jan. 15-19 of 1,504 adults.

The same percentage said that Democrats are more concerned with the needs of people like themselves, compared to only 32 percent who said the same of those in the GOP.

The positions of Republicans are also considered more extreme by 54 percent to 35 percent than those of the Democrats, and the Democrats operate in a more honest and ethical way, 41 percent to 31 percent, while 28 percent say that neither party excels in honesty and ethical behavior. -1

In reality, Republicans are alienating their own base while they bend over backward to give the Democrats absolutely everything that they could ever want. The idea that Democrats would be honest, or concerned about me is a joke. I mean, these guys are using the IRS as a weapon against dissent, they have grown domestic spying programs, and their spending bills take money out of our pockets to put it into the pockets of multi-billion dollar organizations such as GE, Goldman Sachs, Solyndra (who took the money and ran), and of course countless Unions, and Planned Parenthood, all of whom contribute that money right back to Democratic coffers. Catch that? They take your money, redistribute it to Democrat donors, who then donate the money to the Democrats. Democrats honest? Please.

However, GOP leadership has done nothing to counter this narrative. In fact, they have done more to shoot themselves in the foot by bashing their own base voter, trying to win points from a bias media, owned and operated by… Democrats.

Today, Utah’s Channel 2 had their bias on full display. Senator Rand Paul rightly chastised the Democratic narrative that we have a “war on women,” pointing out that the Democrats aren’t exactly paragons of virtue when it comes to how women are treated, and pointing out, rightly, that President Bill Clinton was well known for taking advantage of young, vulnerable women, most notoriously the Monica Lewinski scandal.

Channel 2 laughed it off, and then laughed off Sen. Paul, saying, “well the Paul family is no stranger to controversy.” Oh, really? Enlighten me. Senator Paul once filibustered  to get answers about whether or not the administration felt it a viable option to use Drones against American citizens. Seems like a reasonable question to me. What wasn’t reasonable was Obama’s stalling on the answer.

Of course Obama’s unconstitutional use of executive orders to end run Congress should be a concern. That behavior is extreme to me, especially since Congress keeps caving in to Obama. Spending us off a cliff as recklessly and irresponsibly as the Democrats have seems extreme to me. Calling dissent, “racist, bigot, homophobe,” until the decenter shuts up seems extreme to me. Sicking the IRS on dissenters who don’t shut up is remarkably fascistic… Yet all that seems as lost on Utah’s left wing nutty media as it is on the so called “main stream media.”

Nevertheless, don’t count on the Media narrative to change, or suddenly become more honest. The pew polls I quoted earlier today are a clear indication that the old axiom of repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth has proven… well true. The GOP’s only hope for 2014 rests in the hands of its base voter, and given that 2012 wasn’t about beating Obama, it was about beating the GOP’s own base, don’t count on the Tea Party Cavalry riding in to save the day.

1- Pew Poll: Democrats More Bipartisan, GOP More Extreme By Courtney Coren accessed 1-27-14

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