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A Song of Bush and Trump

Both Bush and Trump are outside the mainstream
   For those of you who know me, or have been reading my blog even moderately, by now you should know that I have long held that only a united Conservative front can beat back the Democrats. That means all factions, Libertarian, Conservative (in all variations), and moderates all on board. You may also be aware of my frustration with the Moderate Establishment because they think it’s okay to attack their party’s base voter, then whine when they don’t show up to vote. After several elections in a row where low turnout has cost us the presidency, you would think they would figure out that they need us, but as I read in National Review, instead of trying to get to the bottom of the issues dividing us, they are now blasting us a “WHINOS,” and lamenting the support of the base voter for Donald Trump, instead of their guy, Jeb Bush.

   This cluelessness and reality denying will not help Bush. If anything, this will put further distance between the Party and our base voters, who have already demonstrated their willingness to sit elections out if they don’t like our candidate. Of course, the Karl Rove wing of the party is in denial over that too, but when you remove the numbers fudging they do to try and ignore this fact, the reality is that 3 million fewer registered Republicans voted for Mitt Romney than voted for John McCain. This is what happens when you nominate an elitist moderate who cannot clearly articulate a vision for the people to get excited about. NR’s Kevin D. Williamson laments the fact that we complain that people can’t tell the difference between Obama and Romney, “if you believe that the way to reform American public policy is to elect conservatives, and you arrived at Election Day believing that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were, from the conservative point of view, interchangeable commodities, then you are either a fanatic or extraordinarily ill-informed,” -1 he said. But I know a lot of these “tea party” folks, and they are not fanatics, and they do resent the name calling. They expect that from the Democrats, what they expect from Republicans is adherence to our party’s platform. That we are not getting adherence to the party’s platform is the reason they are angry with the establishment. The establishment needs to acknowledge and fix that problem, not blast those who are trying to point it out. 

   But let’s take on the second part of Bushican Williamson’s complaint: Extraordinarily ill-
If voter's can't tell the difference between parties, its not their own fault.
informed… Whose job is it to illustrate and articulate the difference between our candidate and the Democrats? Is it the job of our candidate, or are our voters just supposed to instinctively know the difference? I watched the Romney campaign very closely, and what Romney delivered was a handful of good moments, followed by a series of ceding key points, or refusing to address key issues. Take a look at the first debate. Romney clobbered Obama, and if he had stayed on offense, likely, he would have won. But he was more tepid in the second debate, and in the third debate, all the audience heard was, “I agree with you Mr. President,” over and over and over. So whose fault is it that, according to Rasmussen Post Election Polling, that some 75% of the electorate could NOT tell the difference between Obama and Romney? Is it wise, when your message is not getting through, to blame the message recipient rather than the messenger? I dare say not.

   Which brings us to the GOP’s own Song of Ice and Fire: Bush vs Trump, the only two candidates in this election cycle who could spell the end of the Republican Party. Bush is heir apparent to the last President to bore that name, and our Party Brand. A terribly unpopular President, whose refusal to stand up for Conservative values chased away the base voter, and surrendered the House and Senate, and later the White House to the Democrats. Bush might be popular with the Chamber of Commies, and the left wing nuts who reign on high from Wall Street, but he is completely out of touch with Main Street. The base doesn’t like him. Should he be the nominee expect a repeat of history the last time our party put a Bush against a Clinton. Bush will destroy our party with ice, cooling all passions, and replacing activism with apathy.

   On the flip side, Williamson is right about the dangers of Donald Trump, though he lacks the cognitive capacity to understand Trump’s appeal, a failing, I do not lack. Trump will destroy this party with fire. At a time when Conservatives have been finally winning 50 year old battles over that damned Confederate Flag, we have an opportunity to reach out to women and minorities, and offer the real history of civil rights in America. We can tell them about how it was Democrats who wanted to keep their slaves so bad, they seceded from the union. When they lost that war, Democrats created the KKK to harass and murder Blacks, and Republicans in the south, waving that Confederate Battle Flag as they did so… Democrats implemented Jim Crow laws, and the Civil Rights amendments could have been passed in the 1950s, but for opposition lead by none other than Lyndon Baines Johnson, then a Senator.

This is a conversation the nation needs to have right now!
   We could also talk about how our opposition to open borders isn’t about race, but the need for implementing an immigration system which maintains law and order, while being universally fair to everyone. The Confederate Flag debate has opened up new lines of Conversation I have never seen on the Internet before, as many Social Justice Warriors are having to confront the reality that there never ever was a side switch. Democrats were socialists then, who wanted gun control then, to limit black families from having access to their 2nd amendment rights…. They believed in a government so big as to regulate where people can get a glass of water from, and where they had to sit on a bus, and they believed in regulating education and markets so severely as to limit who had access to goods and services… all things antithetical to the real Conservative, pro 2nd amendment for everyone, pro Free Market, “go where you want, do what you want, be what you want, as long as you’re not hurting anybody,” philosophy. SJWs, confronted by this reality of history were starting to cave… Until the Donald opened up his big fat mouth, and anger spewed forth across the land, burning everything down to cinder and ash… and to my horror… the Tea Party types cheered… His appeal is in crass emotionalism… you know, the tactic normally reserved for out of control Democrats?

Trump is only a distraction.
   Trump isn’t really a Republican. He is even more of a Rino than Romney. Romney, to his credit, is a lifelong member of our party, as am I. He just adheres to East Coast Dogma, while I prefer mid-western values. Trump, in contrast, until recently, has been a lifelong Democrat.

   Trump has endorsed mostly Democrats, giving millions to Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, etc. He even self-described once as a “cheer leader for Obama.” Trump has supported and called for things like Universal Healthcare, and a millionaire’s tax. Moreover, he has been pro-choice most of his adult life, no one let Romney off the hook for his “flip flop” on that issue… 

   Trump is getting praise for being tough on the border, but he has also, recently, called for a pathway to citizenship for some 30 million illegal immigrants. Trump is trying to have it both ways on every single issue, and he is using hateful, bigoted language to spread anger and crass emotionalism that isn’t the way of our party.

   Our party is supposed to be the policy wonks, the logical ones, the ones who lead by reason. We are
We fix problems. That's what we do. 
often blasted for looking to history, because we do. We look for what works and ask if those solutions can be applied to today’s problems. Sometimes they can, Free Market solutions always lead to prosperity, via cheaper goods and services, and more widely available jobs. Sometimes they can’t be. One example is that we abandoned Labor Unions in the 1960 as they were not accomplishing their purposes anymore, having devolved into a machine for communist agitation, rather than representing the rights of the worker. This is the one and done issue that Reps and Dems did switch on.  Still it’s better than looking at the past and looking at ideas that looked good on paper, but have never worked in practice, while convincing themselves that it will work “this time,” which is what the Democrats do.

   We could make that argument, now would be a great time to. But because we have Bush freezing out the base voter, and Trump burning down everything in his path like Sherman on his march through Savannah… We are far too busy arguing amongst each other… AGAIN… to win the actual war we are trying to fight, and once more Liberty will suffer for it.

   In closing, the GOP field is better than it has ever been. We have Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (who put forward a brilliant tax reform plan), Rick Perry, and seemingly innumerable others who would make superb presidents, yet we are only talking about two, one who will destroy us with ice, and the other with fire. We had better start taking a serious look at our field and start lifting up serious candidates, or we will not only lose, our party will end up on the ash heap of history.

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