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The only thing to fear, dear Marvel, is facts.

I have gotten sick and have spent much of the day in bed, but I have gotten to the point where my body won’t let me sleep this flu off even though I desperately need to. Therefore in my flu induced boredom (not enough energy to do much) I decided to check in on entertainment news since I actually wasn’t in the mood for politics today… I know shock, horror, right? Sadly while I was trying to escape politics, politics, like the dastardly villain it is, managed to find me in a press release by my favorite comic book publisher which has me, well, disappointed.
In addition to the fact that comics have gotten insanely expensive (now $4 an issue) I knew my days of collecting comics were done when the X-Men moved to San Francisco and the city by the bay was being portrayed as some kind of paradise island. For us normal folk that is quite a joke. San Francisco is as corrupt and chaotic of a city as they come. This is the area which gave us the left wing nut case that is Nancy Pelosi. They have legalized pot for medicinal purposes, but have banned happy meals. The government is trying to regulate everything there from what you watch or listen to, to what, how and when you eat. It’s a virtual Nazi Germany right here in America fully equipped with enough anti-Semitism, pro-whoever America is fighting, and anti-anything America dribble to make you sick. Worse, San Francisco really does think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, then again so did Nazi Germany.
I have a hard time with the idea that Wolverine would be happy there. But from there it looks like Marvel is digging itself even deeper into their role as propagandists targeting youth and fans.
In an article on ign.com Marvel talked about its next cross over project “Fear Itself.” Isn’t it funny how the race baiting, class hating fact ignoring left always screams about “fear”. We saw this with the countless You Tube videos decrying Republicans for bringing up 9-11 and the threats radical Jihadists pose to the world. Never mind the fact that this is a very real threat, as Obama has learned the hard way I am sure. Notice Guantanamo is still open?
So how do I know that Marvel is going down the same road Stephen Colbert did with his “Rally for Fear” this last fall to mock Republicans and their Tea Party activists? Well there are now key phrases that when talking to someone on the left you can use to recognize they have nothing intelligent to say. Let’s see how many we can identify in Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada’s press release.
“All you need to do really is turn on a TV, a computer, a radio, and you're sure to find a pundit, a politician, a prophet out there ready to tell you what you should be afraid of, who's responsible and why you should be afraid of them. It's a world divided. At the end of the day, you've got to ask yourself who should you trust? Who do you trust? 24 hour news cycles, weather change, WikiLeaks, depression, recession, bailouts, bankers."-1
See the key words and phrases? This is the point of a discussion when I usually tune out personally. I imagine it’s the same for many of us. We already know the talking points. Why? Because first we hear them from the President, then his allies on MSNBC (IE Keith Olberman) and then people like Al Sharpton takes the talking points and adds unsubstantiated accusations of racism to it (no better way to counter fear mongering with fear mongering) and by the time you, as a politically active citizen who is in the know, hear it for the billionth time you know two things, 1) the Democrats and their allies are the real fear mongers, and 2) they haven’t got any facts to back up their fear mongering so they just keep bringing up the same vague innuendo and complain vaguely about… ready for the key words? “a pundit, a politician, a prophet… 24 hour news cycles… depression, recession, bailouts, bankers.” Add to these “Fat cats on Wall Street,” "lobbiests," "special interests" and “corporations” and you have a full recipe for the Liberal soufflé of things to complain about all the while avoiding specific examples. You see generalities are much more useful for the fear monger.
Let me see if I can guess where Marvel is going.
A Pundit-Likely the big villain-will be a Glenn Beck type figure who is using fear to control the zombie like masses of a tea party like movement that will spring up and follow this Beck like figure who is being secretly controlled by a villainous corporation who is also tied into a nefarious southern Republican Politician based off of George Wallace forgetting that Wallace was in fact a Democrat and was status quo for the Democrats at that time… In the midst of the Glenn Beck-evil corporate-and Wallace like politician caused confusion a new prophet, probably William Stryker
again will rise up to lead the feeble minded Christians against the pure hearted Obama (an actual character in the comic continuity) who now has to turn to the Marvel super heroes to protect him from the uprising of fear controlled mindless masses who get all their information from the evil Fox News. Oh but wait, just for good measure we’ll split the super hero community again, and have Iron Man side with the right wing nuts and
Captain America will be forced to defend the president from his once and future friend. Lines will be crossed, lives changed forever! Important characters we forgot about killed, and brought back to life the minute a new writer picks up the book!
How much do you want to bet this is exactly what this “socially relevant” cross over will be. In another left wing attempt to stay relevant Marvel stands dangerously close to reveling just how out of touch their left wing zealotry has made them. Naturally these comics, just based off their premise will be a collection of left wing clichés that bare no resemblance to the reality facing America. So let’s correct these misperceptions a little here.
First and foremost corporations are not necessarily inherently evil. It is only when commerce colludes with government and religion that you have a problem. 99.9999% of problems individuals have with a corporations can be solved one of two ways, if you don’t like them and work for them quit, if you don’t like them and don’t work for them take your business to a competitor. Problem solved. Nevertheless the governments intrusive nature tends to nuture the need to control everything through regulation which has created a situation where many businesses have to spend a fortune on subject matter experts, aka lobbyists to go and explain to the empty headed buffoons we elect why a particular bill would be harmful to their business. If you want to solve the lobbying problem lock government down to its enumerated powers and keep them out of the business of regulating business… Problem solved!
On Glenn Beck and Fox News (Aka the 24 hour news cycle). There are no rights in my mind more critical than free speech. With free speech comes the right to disseminate and obtain information freely. Let’s be clear, by bemoaning the “24 hour news cycle” which is just their way of saying Fox News without saying Fox News they are trying to promote the idea that the government should control your access to information, and your ability to disseminate it.
It is the worst part of the left wing machine, but they have done it before during WWI and again under WWII, we had the fairness doctrine for most of the 20th century which used the force of government to silence conservative voices, and now all of a sudden they don’t have that control thanks to Reagan. But oh they so desperately want it… so complain about the 24 hour news cycle, talk radio, and so called bias, all the while refusing to point to a single fact that can back up or validate their whining. What about the demagogues on Comedy Central? These clowns knowingly and willingly twist and distort the news for entertainment purposes, I provide an example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4C9CD9B3_0 at about 7 minutes and 30 seconds. A lot of what they do borders on slander but we on the right just change the channel, people on the left want to shut us down. It is tragic to see my favorite House of Ideas mulling that idea.
As far as Glenn Beck goes, I don’t always agree with him, but he is right most of the time. I was a Mike Lee supporter but even I got angrier than angry when I saw how Beck treated Tim Bridgwater who is a good and decent man who I know, I doubt if Beck really knew the kind of man that Tim Bridgewater is that he would have treated him so poorly. That said when Glenn Beck goes on the air he is 9 times out of ten armed to the teeth with facts to back up what he is saying. Glenn Beck didn’t call Van Jones a communist, Van Jones called Van Jones a communist, Glenn Beck just played the tape. Glenn Beck didn’t accuse George Soros of anything. All he’s done is played the tapes where Soros reveals his own psychotic God complex in his own words. Glenn Beck is Toto pulling the curtain back and revealing the Wizard. The rest of it is the Progressives shooting off their mouths assuming that we’re not watching or that, as Bill Maher has said repeatedly, we’re too stupid to get it. To try and pretend that Glenn Beck is somehow a dangerous nut is cliché and too easy. Hard would be to prove him wrong rather than calling him names. How do I know Marvel will go after Beck?
Simple, the left went after O’Reily in V for Vendetta, and just as the Wachowski brothers used their O’Reily knock off as an avenue to fulfill their fantasy to see him killed bet heavily Marvel will do the same to Beck, my guess is with the previously non-ideological Wolverine. After all we know Wolverine has no use for politics so if he’s the instrument of demise for the Beck like huckster then it will be truly necessary to save the world from being so divided… won’t it?
Let’s see… on weather changes… Glad to see Marvel is coming clean that Storm is responsible for Global Warming…
As far as the rest of it inevitably the solution will be to have the Marvel super heroes beat up and kill the “violent radicals” of the tea party, their “corporate sponsors,” and the Prophet William Stryker and his army of bigoted Christians. The crooked politician will be exposed, most likely by Captain America and then Iron Man will realize the error of his ways and help put the Republican who is remarkably like Democrat George Wallace behind bars. Think I kid? Senator Kelly, their last Wallace like politician was a Republican. Then in order to ensure the world will be safe and forever united the heroes will re-unite and get President Obama (again an actual character in these comics) to pass a bill illegalizing Fox News, err I mean the “24 hour news cycle.” It will be for the mutual good of all.
Sound about right? It is sadly a super hero version of pretty much every piece of Liberal fiction ever written. I know because I am not just a blind follower of anyone other than myself. I read the writings of both sides. Like everyone on the right we pretty much march to the beat of our own drum. Tea Party organizer Larry Jenson once complained that Conservatives don’t know how to organize. In my experience this is true. I had a devil of a time getting Murray Republicans out the door to vote, even when they told me to my face at their door they would. We’re getting better about it, but for the most part we don’t really like leaders, and we don’t really like being told what to do or what to think. This makes the tea party and other similar groups something of a miracle. It’s the closest to organized we have been in years, and as we learn to work alongside the establishment and moderates toward our common goals of low taxes less intrusive government that situation may change, but to be so stereotyped the way we have been by the left, to be turned into comic book supervillians is not even insulting, its just annoying anymore.
Let me make clear I am not afraid of anyone or anything except that I was ill prepared for this moment in time. That I ran up massive debt in my 20s not thinking about what it would do in my thirties, that because of the spending we did then my wife and I are still stuck in a stinky, moldy and gaseous apartment where we are paying more than we should and can’t get said stench and mildew removed by the land lord because they keep blowing us off. Putting it bluntly I have done with my finances what Obama is doing with the national debt. I have learned through personal experience that what Obama is doing does not make it better it makes it worse. I have cut my personal spending dramatically trying to dig out. I am almost there, but we are ill prepared for emergency situations which often put us right back into debt. Personal experience with money has told me that what Obama is doing is bad, not some pundit.
Obama and his cohorts are on record either promoting Marxism or Marxist ideology. Obama admits he hung around Marxists in his book “Dreams of my father.” He has, as a point of fact said he wants to fundamentally transform America. I am not afraid of what he is doing, I fundamentally reject it. This is true of every tea partier and Republican I know. We have a different vision of America Mr. Quesada. One where the individual is sovereign, and free markets are how we settle disputes. Pretending that we’re fear mongering while your friends on the left toss the word “racist” all over the place hoping it sticks somewhere is not only naïve, its blatant hypocrisy. America didn’t vote the Democrats out of the house this year because of fear, they did so because they fundamentally reject Obama’s vision for the country where the collective, ruled by a benevolent government is sovereign. Its not fear mongering to state it, look at the bills they have passed. It is a point of fact that each piece of Obama legislation has given the government more power over the lives of individuals. I think, therefore, Marvel should be less concerned with fear, and more concerned with the facts and realities surrounding today’s political environment.

1-Marvel Unleashes Fear Itself, Joey Esposito, www.ign.com, http://comics.ign.com/articles/114/1141368p1.html accessed 12-21-10

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