Monday, January 24, 2011

Captain America or Captain Global?

Although I liked the campy and often silly movie GI Joe I was really disappointed to see the tagline “the real American heros” replaced with “the real world heroes.” The characters were reimagined to be from a variety of different countries whose militaries were cooperating together to create the ultimate fighting force to keep the world save for democracy… Of course I am wary of world wide black ops groups. I have no love for the idea of a one world government, nor do I like the idea of a universal military force. In real life I could see such alliances being used against the common folk like you and I. After all the big debate going on globally is over a question of what the proper roll of government is, and whoever wins that argument, if won on a global scale, could indeed have powerful military force at their disposal to impose their vision… Imagine if George Soros were to, say, put billions into funding GI Joe, could the real world heroes resist his corruption and his fear and smear of all things Jeffersonian and do the right thing? See my instincts tell me I can trust the real American Heroes to do the right thing because they have loyalty to our Constitution, our country and most important our people. When the heroes are a global team lines start to become blurred. I mean what is the difference between global GI Joe, and Global Cobra Command? It was one group fighting another for control of the world in a manner of speaking…

This brings me to the changes occurring to Captain America. The upcoming film Captain America: First Avenger has been billed by the film’s makers as portraying Captain America as an “international hero.” Why exactly? Director Joe Johnston said, “(Steve Rogers )"wants to serve his country, but he's not this sort of jingoistic American flag-waver. ... It's an international cast and an international story. It's about what makes America great and what make the rest of the world great too."-1
Unbelievable. What the devil is the point then?

The Captain America I grew up with was committed to the very ideals that built this country, truth, justice, individual liberty. It’s the cause he sacrificed himself for at the end of the Marvel Civil War. I cried my eyes out for days when Steve Rogers was assassinated in the comics because the symbolic death of Captain America had profound implications. The Civil War story arch pitted Iron Man’s “conservative” view on national security against Captain America’s libertarian view. I say conservative in quotation marks because no one I know would have taken Iron Man’s side. There is a line too far (IE TSA pat downs had to be implemented by a Democratic administration because it would never have flown under a Republican one.)
Iron Man (portrayed as wildly Libertarian in the movies) took an authoritarian position that I can’t imagine anyone in reality sympathizing with left or right. When Captain America died, to me, it was symbolic of the death of the vision that built this country. Its tragic to see the movie will fail to resurrect our symbol of American heroism.

Steve Rogers tried to enter WWII because of his deep love for the country. When he was turned away for being too scrawny and weak his love for this country was so overwhelming that he signed up for a secret experimental Super Soldier project which caused him to allow the government to inject a risky serum into his body that could have killed him, and had killed others before him. Don’t tell me that he’s not a jingoistic flag waver.
This is a man who believed in America and our cause of liberty so greatly he did what few others had the courage to do. No only did he jingoistically wave the flag he wears the thing as part of his uniform! In the video game Marvel Vs Capcom all of his attacks are patriotic in name such as “Stars and Stripes.” Captain America is a patriot, to portray him any differently is to do a disservice to the franchise.

What is worse is that it has come to my attention that the Captain America Movie will not even bare the “Captain America” name over seas where it will be just “The First Avenger,” what a joke.
These bleeding heart Liberals are so brainless that they forget that ever since America has gotten involved with global politics we have been on the side of right. We have saved the world from Germans, Japanese, Russians, Iraqis, Afghanis, just about everybody all the world over, and we have helped each of these countries to rebuild at our own expense to boot. Whenever there has been a problem we have been there Johnny on the spot to help solve it, being ending genocide, or helping small nations recover from earthquakes and tsunamis. We have been there, and yet now our entertainment spins a new vision of America, one where instead of us beating the Nazis and saving the world from evil time and again we are, as some in the middle east would allege the great Satan, and thus they must apologize for everything America has done… like making the world safe for democracy… ending the reigns of terror of Hitler, ending the horror that was the Soviet Union without even firing a shot and more recently ending the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. No, our heroism is not to be acknowledged. The sacrifice of our troops cannot be praised, our symbols and our heroes cannot be our heroes and our symbols because America has no history outside of slavery and is therefore evil. Never mind that the slave trade was global… only globalism is good… Therefore, even though Captain America wears the flag and the ideals of America on his shoulders, Captain America too must be a global symbol for one worlders. Since when did Marvel give the writing pen to George Soros and his nut case minions?

Hollywood listen up. Like it or not Steve Rogers is our hero, our symbol, and we are proud to count him as one of many of our jingoistic flag waving patriotic heroes who fights for the things which are right and true and like his “Ultimates” rendition wouldn’t recognize the America the left has built on the bones of our soldiers and the ashes of our flag.
Throwbacks to the 1960s hippie movement, the flag burners themselves should never have been given the license to this franchise. Given the changes they are implimenting perhaps the looney left would be more comfortable with a license like Captain Planet?

-1 Captain America's title change! Suprise the Russians don't like the movie's title. by Jim Vejvoda accessed 1-27-11

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