Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obama the Anti-Reagan

As a kid I remember very little good being said in the news about Reagan. I remember the music video land of confusion, the British made “The Reagans” and countless spoofs and political cartoons where Reagan was portrayed as being stupid, un-educated, a mean spirited dictator who didn’t care about people with Aids or the poor. The so called wealth gap is alleged to have increased despite the fact that Reagan’s policies allowed for the free market to create some 22 million new jobs. It is therefore ironic now that the same media that went out of their way to portray Reagan as the devil himself now wants us to believe that he and Obama are bosom buddies… at least that’s the message being sent by the new Issue of Time Magazine, as well as a number of left wing nut news anchors…
Reagan was the first president since Calvin Coolidge who actually tried to put this country back on track instead of kowtowing to the Progressives and their dream of basically sovietizing the United States. In an era where both parties were saying we need more government, to spend more and place more restrictions on the people and more regulations on business Reagan was the one man who stood up and had the brass to say “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” -1 He then sought to do what no one since Calvin Coolidge has done, he tried to shrink government.

To be sure not everything Reagan tried to do got done, and indeed his efforts to peacefully squash the Communists through economic warfare left the country in greater debt than what he inherited, but the facts are that the tax cutting and deregulation that went on during his presidency lead to 20 years of prosperity in this country despite the insane spending. Now a few economic bubbles have burst, actually quite a few. While the left used to blame Reaganomics (remember they sold the myth that Bush was a Free Market guy too) the fact is that new regulations, further complications of the tax code, greater restrictions on individual liberty and regulations on business now exist that Reagan would have never supported, and they are preventing any sort of recovery like the Reagan era saw. To be fair the Bush Republicans were at fault too, but it has gotten so much worse since Obama took office. Now you have to have a license to do anything short of breathing, though I imagine that requirement is forthcoming and that means bigger government, bigger costs of compliance and businesses are afraid to expand, innovate or in layman’s terms hire. The exact opposite of the Reagan recovery is happening in America, why? Because a man who is the polar opposite of Reagan is sitting in the oval office.

We are now seeing the media do all it can to try and portray Obama as the new Reagan. The recent cover of Time Magazine is perhaps the most laughable atrocity of Photoshop in history. Reagan would never have supported Obama or his policies. Sure they are both phenomenal orators but despite Obama’s claims to the contrary, his behavior since taking public office has revealed him to be an ideologue, and not just any ideologue, one with ties to Jeremiah Wright and the James Cohen re-boot of Christianity that is Liberation Theology, a Marixified version of Christianity. Obama spent the last two years apologizing to the world for America, Reagan stood up for us to the world. While Reagan derided government as being the problem, Obama has firmly stood by his belief that only government can save us. -2. Ronald Reagan looked to Milton Friedman, FA Hayek and even W Cleon Skousen at times for answers, Obama? Andy “Workers of the world unite” Sterns, Cloward and Pivins, Cass Sustein, and Karl Marx. Reagan idealized Jefferson, Obama… can he even name a founding father? Sorry Malcolm X doesn’t count. (However a nod to Chrispus Attucks from Obama would be nice…)

Fact is that Obama has shown through his actions that he is an FDR Democrat. “Tax and spend, tax and spend.” His landmark legislation is leaving this country less free as individuals, and more regulated as businesses. Our costs of living continue to climb, and all the while claiming (as he did in the recent state of the union address) he is concerned with the fiscal health of the nation he continues to (in the same speech no less) promote additional spending and new government programs. If Obama wants us to believe he is the new Reagan he needs to start acting like it. I hate politicians who just posture. I want genuine change from the man who claims he would bring change. Instead of moving past the politics of the past he re-implemented them, a smorgasbord of failed Progressive nonsense from the Woodrow Wilson (a notorious racist by the way) and FDR era (also racist who refused to have his picture taken with black people). Obama can become the next Reagan if he really wanted to, but it would mean a complete overhaul of his belief system and a move to the right, not just for the purpose of triangulation, but a genuine heartfelt embrace of America, our Constitution and our way of life. Instead Obama has spent the last two years trying to change who we are, and what kind of government we have.

You see they can’t compare Obama to FDR as they have in the past. We’ve been studying history, we know what kind of monster he really was, same with Woodrow Wilson, and comparisons to Slick Willy would only further devastate the president’s already tarnished image. So they need someone who is actually loved by the very tea partiers who trounced the Democrats in this last election cycle, and they believe we’re stupid enough to believe that Obama is even remotely close to Reagan…

It’s sad. One president wanted the individual American to be successful, and to have the freedom to pursue happiness through entrepreneurship and free markets and individual liberty, the other believes there comes a point where we make enough money-3. One felt that socialism and communism was the root of evil, the other believes that “when you spread the wealth around, its good for everybody,”-4 the core philosophy of Marxist thought. These men could not be more diametrically opposed. It’s a sick joke to try and pretend otherwise.

The big Irony here is that despite the bromantic cover the article in Time Magazine is quite open that Obama really only admired Reagan’s skills as a leader. Obama is quoted within as being quite antagonistic toward Reagan further illustrating the deceptive nature of the cover, and those trying to make an Obama/Reagan connection.-5 Clearly they are counting on the mythical American ignorance and inability to read to help save Obama’s chances for re-election. Fact is, we’re not stupid. We know Obama is the anti-Reagan. Shame on the American News Media for this willful and deliberate deception.

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