Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Because they can… Democrat bullies in the post-Beck age

I don’t know about you but I keep seeing more and more instances of churches being interrupted, near riots in school board meetings, the protesters are becoming bolder and bolder… It makes me wonder two things, why are they so emboldened? And more important, why do I get called radical and extremist when I have never yelled at a political opponent or threatened or blackmailed or been anything but polite and civil, but these organizations are becoming more and more intrusive and disruptive and not a word of criticism from the lame stream media.

When a Church service conducted by pastor John Hagee was interrupted by anti-Israel anti-Semitic bigots it hit me that I have never seen this sort of interruption before… The left might be doing a victory lap around supporters of responsible legal immigration for the beating we are told we took by the Church’s supporting HB116 (and the ENTIRE immigration package including the recently struck down enforcement bill HB 497, please note this is observation and not a criticism of the Church I belong to and love.), but I think we are seeing how the left will react next time the Church re-affirms it’s traditional family stance and its opposition to gay marriage. Get ready for this gang, its coming. But why?

Call me crazy but I think this has a lot to do with Glenn Beck. I know, seems like people blame the poor guy for everything these days, but hear me out. First I like Glenn Beck, I think his radio show is hilarious, but in terms of style I fancy myself more the John Stossel type. I used to be rowdier like Glenn but then, and I tell this story often, two people I admire greatly told me essentially to keep a moderate tone, while holding true to my Conservative values… of course I’m a Libertarian but that’s okay, I still run with the GOP and they have treated me very well so what do labels matter? It's a big tent, after all, as well it should be. I took that advice to heart. Notice… There are no active campaigns to get John Stossel off the air. None. By taking a moderate tone with Libertarian ideas he has avoided the eye of the crazies to the left of us. I hope to do the same.

Its not that I have a problem with the approach that Glenn Beck took, it was fine, it drew some much needed attention attention to some very serious and troubling issues, the inarguable racism of Obama’s mentors, the link to extremists like Bill Ayers, the destructive social agenda of ACORN, and using their own words against them Glenn Beck singlehandedly pulled the curtain back on George Soros, Obama, and the liberal agenda. Shutting him up therefore became priority number one. Media Matters (incidentally one of Soros’ many many media arms) launched a brutally unfair attack campaign against Beck, often taking clips and re-editing them to make them something they were not, or removing the context to make them something they were not, and basically painting Glenn Beck to be something he is not, a crazy right wing racist. Oddly few, if any, or the factual claims of Glenn Beck have ever been refuted. But we cannot deny that he has attracted the ire of some very nasty and evil people.

Sadly, and to be honest I don’t know why, some businesses did pull their support from Beck’s show under pressure from Media Matters and the also George Soros funded… Now I know we as Republicans don’t like boycotts. But I have been actively counter boycotting a number of companies just because I don’t like political cowards. Sadly that meant giving up Sargento Cheese, which I love, but principal is more important than good food… Thank God Utah’s the Pie was never one of the advertisers in question, I would die if I couldn’t stuff my face with their delicious mountain of meat pizza pies… And now I am hungry…. But I digress.

The fact is that between this and Beck’s dropping about a million viewers (dropping from 3 million to 2 million) seems to have given the left the idea that their bullying was getting somewhere. Nevermind that a million of us former Beck watchers probably transitioned to the radio show as we did what Beck encouraged people to do and became political activists. We’re now too busy working in our communities for TV at all, and frankly that, I think, is a wonderful thing! How many more people became delegates this year? We had record participation in the caucuses and convention this last cycle! And some “Beckers” even won elections and are now too busy legislating to watch the show… But even with that 2 million at 5PM is still a huge number. That meant Glenn Beck was still raking in 2 million more viewers a day than MSNBC and CNN. His ratings were never actually bad.

I should clarify I got involved having been inspired by the seminars at the Thomas Jefferson Centers, not because of Beck, I didn’t start watching his show until much later.

But nevertheless the bullying continued, and how does Beck respond? He quits. Or some would say was fired, but given that he was still a successful show and still had a respectable plethora of advertisers with a spine I have no reason to accept that premise. He quit. It is my suspicion that his Fibromyalgia and failing eye sight has more to do with his leaving than anything… Watch, when you can, how he struggles now to follow the cameras. Numerous times he has been facing the wrong way when the cameras are rolling and I cannot help but wonder if that is the real reason for his departure… He’s probably avoided saying as much because he knows his critics will declair his failing health punishment from God, much like critics of the late great Ezra Taft Benson alleged of him when his health began to fail. It was awful listening to people say that of a Prophet of God… Its to be expected with a media pundit who has so willingly put his head on the chopping block to stand for what he believes in. But having said that what did Glenn Beck think would happen if he quit promising bigger and better things and then announcing… a trip to Israel… Ummm… Do they have the Pie there? I just don’t think I could go anywhere they don’t have good pizza… mostly because I can’t afford it… Few can.

The response from the Soros controlled sheep in the MSM has been a cry of victory. To them their bullying worked.-1 It shut Glenn Beck up, so now its on to take down the entire network, and if we sit still they will. Make no mistake, if the same tactics are employed against the entire network and enough sponsors chicken out how does Fox survive even if they are the highest rated cable news channel and the only outlet where something recognizable as truth gets aired? Action, is therefore, required on our part. We must let these businesses know we surround them and that by capitulating to a fringe minority group of agitators they risk loosing the majority of their business (us.)

The fact that Glenn Beck allowed even the slightest hint of retreat has emboldened the crazy left… They are going to get bolder, louder, and ruder, they are not interested in debate, they only want to shut you up because now they have reason to believe they can. We must remain civil in our efforts but if we don’t push back the world now we can expect similar outbursts to what John Hagee experienced in a ward building near you.

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