Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Danger of a Third Way Candidate.

I have warned of the dangers of the inter-family battle the Conservatives are fighting repeatedly. This week we lost a key district in New York, an area with a population overwhelmingly Republican. The final tally was Kathy Hochul (D) 47%, Jane Corwin (R) 43% and “Tea Party” Candidate Jack Davis 9%... The Democrats will tell you that this is a referendum on the Ryan plan. Nope. What this was, was Democrats taking advantage of Republicans eating each other alive rather than working together toward our common goals, someone getting upset and supporting “third way” candidate. In this case that candidate was a Democrat who happened to be running as a “Tea Party” candidate. The give away was that there is no party called “Tea Party,” but this is the second time this has happened to us in our extended battle of ideas with the Democrats. The last time was in the midst of the Sharon Angle/Harry Reid battle in Nevada. They always manage to shave off enough votes to stop the Republicans from winning elections we would otherwise win handedly. Its evil, its cheating, but it is what it is. Tea Parties, Libertarians, Constitutionalists I beg you, don’t fall for this. Democrats are so much worse than Republican Establishment candidates.

Of course if you want real change than insist that New York adopt a caucus-convention system like Utah’s. It’s the best way for the common people on the ground to pick their representatives rather than having to rely on the party boss’ “top two of our picks” primary only system… which ironically Democrat Howard Dean believes brings out the radicals… But yeah… Do that, don’t go third party, get involved. Let me show you a mathematical equation which explains why voting third party is a bad idea. Take Corwin’s 43% and add Davis’ 9% and the tally is 52% erasing the Democrat’s referendum against entitlement reform. Make no mistake Davis not only cost Corwin the victory, but also killed all hope of getting the reforms we need done to get the nation back on track. Shortly after this news broke we learned the Senate defeated the Ryan Budget proposal… Trust me, no one will pick this issue up again for the foreseeable future even though 52% of the district in question voted for a conservative who said they were in favor of these reforms…. It’s just 9% decided that the Republican candidate wasn’t conservative enough and voted for a Democrat who was now claiming the mantle of a Tea Partier and was likely an intentional spoiler candidate. We must stop this! Real reform is only possible when we work with all of the various factions of the GOP toward our common goals.

The time to have the arguments over who is the best possible candidate is during the nomination convention or during the primaries depending on your state. Once we are in a general full on election we must stand with the Republican candidate at all cost. No matter how bad that candidate might be, and depending on your area maybe they are too conservative or not conservative enough, they are a million times better than the Democrat. If you are serious about restoring fiscal solvency in our lifetime and saving our kids and grandkids from having to clean up this mess we must stand together as a united front, or we will fail.

Winning in 2012 is not going to be easy, if we are splintered and fractured and divided into sub-parties we cannot win. This is the second district in New York lost due to third party interference. How many times must we loose because of third party interference before we get it?


  1. So true. The democrats know this very well and that is how they manage to defeat us on too many occasions. When will the republicans learn this lesson? Hard to tell because there are so many gutless, spineless republicans out there. Lets just hope its before the next election.

  2. @ Hugh-It's sad but true. Looking at how John Boehner has handled the debt ceiling debate has left me utterly dissapointed. Yes he can say he tried, but fact is we Republicans should be out there making the case for fiscal sanity, not raising the national credit limit before paying any of it off. Great post, thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it!