Monday, May 2, 2011

HB 116 offensive to all

I sent the following letter to the SL Trib, it will be interesting to see if they print it.

The hateful and vile debate over HB116 is making me sick. Nevertheless the bill is so bad I must assemble in brief the reasons everyone should be outraged by this bill.

Libertarian: It establishes a new bureaucracy. We hate bureaucracy, it grows government and government is already out of control.

Constitutionalists: The fact that this bill needs a federal waver should be a dead give away. If granted that waver would violate the Constitution’s uniformity clause rendering the wavers also unconstitutional.

Conservatives: While it is not federal amnesty it is state granted amnesty for participants (assuming there would be any) and federal inaction assures defacto amnesty.

Progressives: The bill is racist. The bill places an unfair targeted tax (fine) on a specific minority group and intends to force them to abandon their language of heritage in favor of English creating an inequality in how the law treats undocumented workers from everybody else.

Despite our differences surely it should be clear that in the legislator’s attempts to please us all they have offended us all. Supporters of HB116 need to check their premise.

Daniel Moir
Murray, UT

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