Tuesday, May 3, 2011

War Weary Victory

The news of Osama Bin Laden’s death is a welcome surprise. Our troops performed admirably and deserve to come home now to a massive victory parade in Times Square with the biggest crowds in history welcoming them home. We got the folks responsible for 9-11 it should be over. Now’s our chance to prove to the world this was not a war for oil. We can prove to the world we were indeed, as we said, only out for justice. It would reunite the world behind us and when Iran starts menacing us the world will once more stand with us as we will have shown justice, not oil, was our sole concern. We will have regained the moral high ground.

We should pull out of the middle east and anywhere else we have military adventurism. We need to secure the border in anticipation of retaliation, but our government is unfortunately too addicted to using military to build other nations on the backs of the American worker. Now is too good an opportunity to redistribute our wealth to the poor of the middle east via military nation building isn’t it? Never mind America’s poor, they’re several fold richer than the people in the middle east, therefore we must continue to waste American lives and treasure in pursuit of the unachievable… Global Social Justice. And it makes me sad because our government, in the name of Social Justice, will throw away a once in a lifetime opportunity to reaffirm the righteousness of our cause.


  1. "A speedy victory is the main object in war. If this is long in coming, weapons are blunted and morale depressed. If troops are attacking cities, their strength will be exhausted. When the army engages in protracted campaigns, the resources of the state will fall short." - Sun Tzu

  2. I loved the art of war. There was a special on it on the history channel that commented that the reason we lost in Vietnam and are still in the middle east is because we keep fighting wars of attrition, where as if we would follow Sun Tzu's writings in our strategy we'd be done by now...