Monday, June 6, 2011

Stand by your friends: An analysis of the situation in Israel

This weekend the world watched as hundreds and perhaps thousands of Syrian protestors rushed the Israeli border trying to goad the Israeli troops into taking action. The plan, get the Israeli troops to open fire, and take lots of pictures for propaganda purposes. The people who have been following the events as they unfold in the middle east saw this coming a million miles away. Next the Syrians will try to exaggerate their casualties and proclaim themselves the victims of Israel somehow… We should be there helping Israel to deal with these vicious attacks, yet so far Israel, the victim of constant Islamic aggression, stands alone.

This is one of the most frustrating aspects of politics. It’s shocking how best of friends will eagerly toss each other under a bus if they think doing so will give them a political edge, it’s an every day practice at every level of governance, local, state, federal, global. What should be happening is that we demonstrate our honor by standing by our friends, especially when they are in need. On that level this administration is failing miserably.

We have a president who is tossing all of our friends under the bus while he apologizes to the blood thirsty dictators of the world for America’s “mistakes.” If we owe anyone an apology right now it’s Israel for electing a President who further harms our alliances by fomenting revolutions in the middle east, even intervening in Libya on behalf of dangerous radicals who have been positively linked to Al Qaeda, radicals who have been linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood all of whom are committed to the destruction of Israel.

The president keeps encouraging these radicals to take to the streets, meanwhile we watch the news in horror as more and more clerics promise to destroy Israel and then sell our severed heads in grocery stores and declare that their entire nation is Osama.-1

In the meanwhile we turn a blind eye to the suffering Israeli’s endure at the hands of Islamic aggression, such as the massacre of the Fogle family, one of the most horrific crimes in recent memory, and certainly the most horrific to be ignored by the MSM.-2. Now a new song comes out complaining of the oppression that Palestine has had to endure… After the rockets Hamas fires across the Gaza Strip, the bombing of an Israeli school bus which killed Jewish children, and the constant non stop violence we’ve seen the Jewish people endure at the hands of violent and radical extremists trying to rebuild a country that never existed at the expense of a country that did and does… and some how the extremists are the victims. Isn’t it funny the lesson we’ve learned from the 60s? He who claims victim status first gets the media sympathy and wins.

Meanwhile real victims suffer and our President’s solution? Return to the indefensible 1967 borders. Never mind that Israel won that land defending itself from an Islamic war of aggression (the 6 day war) never mind that Israel was the clear victim… Nope, let’s toss our closest and perhaps only real ally in the middle east under the bus. It will give us brownie points with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… right before he attacks us.

The simple truth is that we stand to gain nothing by doing this. In today’s political environment people are hungry for a return to honor and those who betray and backstab their way to glory won’t last long. Simply turning on our friends allies won’t win political capitol with our enemies. Instead it shows the world that we are untrustworthy scum. How then do we gain the faith of the masses?

I say it is time to stand by our friends. With the world getting more complicated everyday we can always count on our friends to be there. Our enemies will never approve of us. While our friends will be there for us our enemies will never stop trying to find a way to destroy us. If we toss our friends to the curb we will quickly find ourselves as Israel must feel right now: Alone.



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