Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun with statistics

I am one of those imbeciles who hopes one day his internet activities will one day turn a profit, but I am not dumb. I recognize getting noticed in the blogosphere is incredibly difficult, which is why I think its funny the lame stream media is so threatened by us. But I pay close attention to the statistics for my You Tube Page and my blog to see what is working and what doesn’t. Here is what I have learned.

Much of my blog traffic is driven by You Tube, which seems self propelled in that people watch and then share the videos, and thank you for that, but nothing has gone viral yet. The You Tube videos I do that are the most successful are those which weave comedy skits into the narrative which means I have to be a bit snarky to be successful even though in real life I am very concerned about the lack of civility in political discourse.

90% of my viewers and readers are US based, mostly outside of Utah which means when I cover local issues my total viewership declines. 6% of my viewers are in Switzerland and are probably my family over there. 2% are from Israel. 2% from England. My average viewership on You Tube is about 250 (down in response to my coverage of local issues and my reduced frequency of new videos), readers about 150.

Not surprisingly facebook is useless for driving traffic. Less than 4 views for every blog I write come from Facebook. IGN.com and the blaze.com drive some 10-24% more traffic my way.

The most popular subject I write about? Politics in entertainment. The least popular is surprising for a writer calling himself the Unapologetic Apologist, religion.

What this doesn’t tell me is what you as my reader and viewers think on these topics, and I do this in the hopes of engaging people in discussion. I do want to hear from you, where do you think I am wrong? What do you think I could do better? Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, I very sincerely want to know what’s on your minds.

One topic I have received feedback on is that some want to see less religion in my arguments. The data I have seems to support that as readers and viewers bleed off when my religious beliefs enter the blog or video. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for taking the time to read and view the materials I supply. I very much appreciate it, and look forward to your feedback.

In the mean time its time to see if I can upgrade my Playstation 3 Hard Drive without electrifying myself.

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