Monday, September 12, 2011

LA Times disgusting use of tragedy for politics

Arizona Republicans are under fire from the LA Times for raffling off a Glock-9 as part of a fund raiser. They are trying to link the raffle to the incident which occurred almost a year ago which cost six lives including a nine-year-old girl and a Republican Judicial appointee to the Federal Court and severely injured a Democratic Congress woman. This atrocity was committed by a mad man on the lunatic fringe of the left, but of course it’s somehow the Republican’s fault. Never mind the fact that the Glock is among the most reliable, dependable and even safe hand guns out there. Never mind that it’s a very popular home defense tool, many of my gun owning friends have one. I have, in fact, been mocked for refusing to trade in my dependable Ruger P-89 for one… Sorry, I love my Ruger.

The reality is that all of us responsible gun owners love to shoot clay pigeons and paper targets but abhor the loss of human life. It is why there is a large amount of us who abhor abortion. When shooting incidents like the one involving the Arizona Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords occur we are just as horrified as anyone else. When the incident occurred the media immediately tried to blame it on “Right Wing Rhetoric.” However it was quickly discovered that Jared Lee Loughner was a committed leftist, albeit one far on the fringe and not representative of what is normal of the Left… You see he believed George W Bush blew up the two towers… That’s not a normal leftist belief, is it? His favorite books included the Communist Manifesto, we almost never see that on the favorites list of leftists do we? His friends described him as “pot smoking leftist.” Absolutely appalling to the left, right? Even with all that, his You Tube videos and facebook posts are often incoherent and his motivation for the shooting boils down to the fact that he felt the congress woman blew him off at an event. I am not saying that his ideology lead him to this. It’s clear he was indeed very mentally ill. (Unlike John Wilkes Booth, also an actor, Democrat and committed leftist.)

What is additionally tragic is that Gifford (a Democrat) is the only one people seem to remember when referencing this incident, a nine-year old girl, Christina Greene and Republican Bush-appointee to the Federal Court, John Roll were KILLED by this madman. Yet you never see their names in print, only the Democrat who survived seems to matter. Why? Republicans are pro family and the Judge was one of our guys so it’s not politically convenient to point one any of ours were victims too. To this day the media has put no effort at all into understanding why Judge Roll, or Christina Greene were shot. Yet the news continues to try and convey the message that this incident was somehow the fault of Right Wing Dissent against his Holy Anointed the Holy Hawaiian Emperor of America. Something which sickens me beyond words, THIS is why I hate the media.

The LA Times is now condemning the raffling of a Glock-9 at a GOP fund raiser, one that was sold last year, but never claimed. The message is that Republicans are being insensitive because Gifford was shot with a Glock-9m as if the gun had a choice in the matter. Never mind Judge John Roll, again one of ours, DIED in the incident. But why would Republicans do something so insensitive? We don’t blame the gun. We blame the shooter, and the Democrats know that crass illogical emotionalism can lead to cheap crass and illogical votes, so it becomes necessary to go after a non-issue and make it an issue.

That the GOP is raffling a very popular pistol 9 months after the incident at a completely unrelated event is a non-story linked to the tragedy in Arizona only by the worst kind of sickening demagoguery on the planet. This is a red herring but leave it to the leftist media to try to make something of it, anything that can link the right to this tragedy, especially since it turned out Loughner was one of theirs, not ours. Loughner and this shooting are not useful to the Democrats as what they were, a random act of violence committed by someone who just happened to be a “pot-smoking leftist.”

But just remember that a party which includes Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn who blew up federal buildings and killed government officials and police officers with their harmless hippie (terrorist) friends the Weather Underground, people like Congressman Paul Kanjorski (D) who call for Republican Governor Rick Scott to be placed against a wall and shot-2, from a party which includes people who make video games allowing you to shoot conservative figures, from the party which has people like Jimmy Hoffa telling the President they are ready for war and the Unions are their army all the while the President and the news media complain about the mostly imagined incivility from the right… People like Loughner are completely abnormal. An anomaly. I mean the fact that the Left burnt down Detroit in the 60s and LA in the 90s not withstanding and support groups like the Brown Berets and La Raza who preach Chicano supremacy and violent re-conquest of the Southwest doesn’t mean they’re not a violent bunch … right?

My sarcasm aside I do not believe Loughner was politically motivated at all. He was very clearly a nut. But I find all these attacks on Republicans for imagined violence, and the fake outrage the media is trying to gin up against the Tea Party and Republicans ridiculous in light of the fact that in reality it is their side of the isle which seems to generate the violent radicals who shoot innocents, burn down cities, threaten dissidents with violence and then complain about incivility. The right puts deep thinkers like Ben Franklin on our T-Shirts. The left puts mass murderers like Che Guevara on theirs. I think that speaks volumes.




  1. Nice...nice spin. I'm getting dizzy just reading this. I expect you would think it was also appropriate for Republicans, or anyone for that matter, to raffle off a Glock, or any gun, to raise a Memorial Fund for the Judge or the 9-yr old girl who no one remembers? Are you saying that these AZ Republicans WEREN'T trying to make a statement...and a "pro-gun rights" statement at that?

    Are you COMPLETELY blind to ANY sort of symbolism, or just the symbolism you don't WANT to see? If I raffled off a model Boeing 767 with little dark-skinned action figures in it to raise money for families of Firefighters who died rescuing people from the World Trade Center, would THAT strike you as inappropriate? Following your stated logic, I suspect not. "Why is everyone condemning the GUN that killed those people? I mean, that was a completely different gun!" Sure, my model airplane might LOOK like it, but it's not the ACTUAL plane that crashed into the WTC, so that makes it okay.

    Btw... NO ONE believes that Glock got up, walked itself over to the Safeway parking lot, and squeezed its own trigger. Go and argue that straw man to somebody else...or do you really believe that Mentally-Unstable, Pot-Smoking Leftists are the ONLY ones who commit such heinous acts? All evidence to the contrary:

    Anders Behring Breivik. Right-Wing Christian Racist. Killed 80 innocent people in Norway.
    Jason Eugene Bush. Right-Wing "Minuteman". Killed a Man and his 9-yr old daughter in AZ.
    Scott Roeder. Right-Wing Evangelical. Killed a Doctor who performed abortions in KS.
    Jim D Adkisson. Right-Wing Extremist. Killed at least two "liberals" in a Knoxville, TN church.
    Timothy Dale Johnson. Right-Wing Republican. Killed Democratic Party State Chairman in Little Rock, AR.

    Shall I go on...? These guys aren't "calling for people to get shot" - they're actually shooting.

  2. @ Young Boy-Yes I am saying the sale of a Glock 9 months after an event which cost lives that were conservatives and wounded a Democrat is not connected. That is exactly what I am saying. The spin is in trying to link the sale to the shooting. And no, no it's not us calling for violence. I am willing to cede the point that there are nuts on both sides, but the violence on the left is far, far deeper and far richer. That is simply an indisputable fact. But congratulations for coming up with more names than nut case Timothy McVeigh. Most Liberals couldn't do that I do have to give you props. Except you error comparing Anders Behring Breivik to the American Right is erronious. You err in that you, like typical liberals, assume that right and left men the same thing in America that they do in Europe, and there you would be wrong. Europe gives you the choice of Communists (International Socialists) or Nazis (National Socialists). The American Right is far to the Right of both of these, instead offering a government limited in scope and un-intrusive in people's lives. Anders Behring Breivik was not a Christian either, not the same way you and I would define it. He looked as Christianity as a cultural phenomenon, not a religious one tying the tern to race and culture rather than deeply held beliefs. Christianity does not promote his actions. Also find me a conservative commentator who praised the actions of James Eugene Bush, Scott Roeder (although interesting you don't condemn the Dr for killing babies, your rage is selective at best), Jim Adkisson, Timothy Dale. Still your list is at best a collection of isolated incidents. I can go on for days listing of Liberals calling for violent revolution, starting with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Code Pink, La Raza, The Brown Berets, the Black Panthers, the entire hippie movement all sought bloodshed. All of these groups have been actively involved in actual violence. Violence was also promoted heavily be "intellectuals" like Malcom X and Saul Alinsky. Violence is condemned by the Right. Show me the Conservative pundit or leader actively promoting or calling for violence. While your side calls for revolution, mine calls for people to remain calm and peaceful. Also Right Wing does not necessarily mean Republican. There is nothing Right about George W Bush or Dick Cheney and others like them.

  3. @ Young Boy-Also be aware of how you define your terms. I don't think you know what Conservatives, Christians, or "Right Wingers" in America mean. In contrast I know EXACTLY what Liberal, Progressive, socialist and communists AND Nazi mean. Left, left, lefter, crazy left, and super crazy left. Yours is the side of totalitarianism and authoritarianism. Mine is the side of individual liberty and personal responsibility.