Friday, October 7, 2011

The Parasites vs the Productive

In one of my more controversial blogs I reminded the reader of the fact that the Democrats have always been the party of slavery in some form or another. To date this holds true, and the evidence continues to mount as the Democrats ramp up their Astroturf attack on Wall Street and the productive working class in general as the lazy, uninformed, willfully unemployed join forces with Union thugs and other Astroturf organizations (mostly funded by George Soros) “brave” the cold in order to demand Communism and Socialism, or for those of us who know what Communism and socialism means, slavery. Taking by means of force from those who produce to give to those who do not. “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” Historically this philosophy has always lead to an elite ruling class creating a dictatorship over the population which is forced into unbearable poverty and servitude to that elite ruling class. After all some are more equal than others….

Do not mistake the intentions of the Occupiers as being benign. While the media celebrates this Communist uprising we must keep a careful eye on this coalition of useful idiots and recognize that by their own admission they are trying to re-create the Arab Spring here. Though why anyone would want that is beyond me since the Arab Spring has only lead to ruthless and blood thirsty groups like The Muslim Brotherhood coming into real power. The people of Egypt are currently under military rule and the hope the people who rose up had of genuine individual liberty is being crushed as one dictatorship is being replaced with another, only this time based on Sharia Law… It is also worth noting that the Arab Spring has not been peaceful. Several of the Arabic States have fallen into a state of chaos and violence, even civil war… And given the Democrat’s history, if the Democratic party and their goons occupying the country are saying they want an American Arab Spring we should be on the look out for that Fort Sumter moment.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of the Democrats and their tools in the news media creating drama for the sake of seizing power. I miss the quieter times even of the Bush administration, though there was drama there too, I admit, it was nothing like what we have now. The lines are clearly being drawn by the Democrats, class war. Put the chains on the productive, and allow the non-working, non productive to feed like Dracula on Mina Harker. It’s amazing to me that people can’t see the Occupiers for what they are, lazy, under educated college twits who ran up bills and now do not want to pay for them. And while the upper echelons of the DCN encourage these twits those of us who actually work for a living need to understand that if they get their way it means they will get to live on our backs.

So what do we do? Well we must remember the words of Nietzsche, whom I normally despise but had a great quote in Also Spraken Zarathustra, “Whomever fights with monsters must see to it that in the process he does not become one.” These Occupiers are the worst kind of monsters, the kind who wants to live the high life off the backs of others, crackers, if the term has a real modern meaning. We, however, must evolve as a Republican counter-revolution. We must remain peaceful, and no matter how annoying these kids get we must not become like they are, but there are ways we can fight back, especially since we all know the Democrats basically use Stimulus money to fund the groups who are funding these phony protests. We can pass legislation designed to cut off the money supply.

501C3 laws have been used to bully generally right leaning churches into silence on political matters. Why the same rules do not apply to organizations such as “Media Matters” which is classified as a non-profit organization is beyond me. George Soros isn’t helping the poor. He doesn’t run charities, he runs various left wing political groups and each one should have to pay taxes and big time. Yet the system, as it is, allows Soros and his minions to evade billions in taxes each year smearing Capitalism, Conservatism and Fox News. The Democrats have funneled tax dollars into left wing activist groups like Planned Parenthood and groups like ACORN, all of whom push the agenda of the DNC on tax payer dollars. This is what passes for philanthropy on the Left, and I support their right to say what they have to say but not on my dime. We should redefine non-profits. If Churches cannot be politically active without risking loosing their tax exempt status, neither should Soros.

The same standard should apply to Universities. In all the talk about evil corporations no one seems to want to address Universities whose tuition rates have skyrocketed at the same time the quality of education has diminished. It seems like Universities are charging you an arm and a leg only to produce kids who don’t work, don’t produce and vote Democrat in blocks. The sense of entitlement is ever increasing, but the value of education is decreasing. Worse yet, many colleges get tax payer dollars to boot. Wait, what? Yes, you heard me right. With tuition rates at an all time high, it seems to me that Universities aught to be able to survive on their own. If they want to teach Communism fine, but as with the Soros groups, not on my dime, colleges who actively promote political agendas should be stripped of their public funding. I would take that to public schools as well. Schools should not be indoctrinating to the left or to the right and aught to be politically neutral. If they can’t be, then they should be forced to compete for the minds of the youth in the free market.

These simple corrections, many of which can be done on the State and local level, would go a long way to correcting the problem which produces kids incapable of critical thinking who think the world owes them a living. The question is, do we have any legislators brave enough to sponsor such legislation?


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