Thursday, September 29, 2011

The View’s Spin Cycle

This week on the View the harpies hosted Fox News Moderate Bill O’Reily who came there to talk about his new book Killing Lincoln, a history book about the assassination of one of the greatest Presidents of our nation’s history (a Republican I might add.) Naturally since the harpies of the View represent your typical uninformed liberal they tried to make that registered Independent answer for imaginary crimes of the Republican Party at the last couple of GOP debates.

Joy Behar blew me away alleging that conservatives cheered putting someone to death who was sick. This never happened. She needs to check her premise. Simply put the question was posed to Ron Paul that a healthy 30 year old with a good job decides not to buy health insurance and then he becomes ill later, and Ron Paul responded that the guy in the scenario should take personal responsibility for his decisions. The CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer then pushed the matter further asking if that meant society should just let him die, and exactly two voices in the crowd shouted “Yes.” That's not putting someone to death, that is making someone sleep in a bed of their own making, sorry Joy. Nice try though!

You can check the video here, with a causation analysis with a differing view form mine here. I know Libertarians, I know the mindset which says individual liberty, and that part which Liberals seem to miss Personal Responsibility. These individuals were not celebrating the potential death of this individual, but instead expressing a divorce from the absurd notion of a Social Contract or Social Obligation.

Outside the context of Libertarian and if you will “Tea Party” thought one might think this cruel, but what is worse, allowing a man to suffer the consequences of his own decisions? Or taking food off the table of his neighbor to pay for his healthcare? Advocating self reliance and personal responsibility or the slavery that is the confiscation of the fruits of your labor at the hands of an overbearing government? Which is less moral, letting someone die who made the decisions that lead him to his death, or stealing from others to preserve his life? By the logic of Behar and others on the left then we must have a social obligation to save all the people who do idiotic things which become the tales the sick and twisted watch on 1,000 ways to die…. And how much is that going to cost?

No conservative longs for the death of anyone. We’re largely a Judeo-Christian group in some form or another, but for us to find out if indeed the two people who shouted “yes” to the rather loaded question are cruel, perhaps Wolf Blitzer aught to consider a less loaded version of the question. “Is it the governments job to save him, or the role of private charities and churches?” I guarantee you Ron Paul would have answered the latter and would have still generated a thunderous applause.

We are not heartless, we just think that charity is the duty of the individual, not the collective. Contrary to what the left believes we are saved as individuals.

Now on to the other Behar attack, the allegation of booing a gay soldier. I am mixed on this one because I cannot tell if he is being booed or his question. Either way, social issues are not par for the course for the Tea Party, and more importantly Rick Santorum answered this question in a way that aught to receive the attention the handful of hecklers are. Rick brilliantly countered with the point that sex doesn’t belong in the military. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but I am getting a little annoyed that there are so many people, gay and straight, that are trying to drag their bedrooms into the public square. I believe, and I may be wrong, that the booing was likely triggered by that mindset. I agree with Barry Goldwater that you do not half to be straight to shoot straight (there goes half my facebook friends) but I also agree that homo and heterosexual activities serve as an unnecessary and dangerous potential distraction in the battlefield (and there goes the other half of my facebook friends). Behar should have addressed Santorum’s brilliant and fair response to the question, but chose to focus on the few individuals who were being rude, but that the heckling was rude and inconsiderate is indisputable.

I won’t defend people being rude except when defending themselves from some of the Alinsky tactics out there. Other than that there is no need for rudeness. Some might say I am uncivil, I would say I tend to be reactionary, but I try to be civil, but when you have people like Joy Behar out there radically spinning events like a load of laundry in a spin cycle it becomes more and more difficult. Still when dealing with non-partisans, like the soldier, and with each other as Republicans, we owe the country a civil discourse. That doesn’t mean we can’t adamantly defend ourselves, or point out left wing hypocrisy, or even attack the left with fevor, but amongst each other, Tea Party, Libertarian, Social Conservative, Neo Con, Moderates… let’s try not to bash on each other, and let’s try to avoid giving the left wing media ammunition to use against us later.

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