Monday, January 9, 2012

Obama’s behavior not normal for a president of the USA.

Things are bad, the world is on fire and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of hope for us on the horizon. There are nonstop protests on the street, civil unrest on the left and the right, increased regulation stifling business and economic growth, wars on multiple fronts against the will of the people, wildly out of control spending and the threat of looming massive tax hikes.
  Many doomsayers are running around screaming “end of days, but gold, buy gold,” and while I collect silver (gold is too expensive) I am not convinced we’re seeing the end of the world. We seem to move through cycles throughout history, we start free, then we prosper, then we become complacent, then apathetic, then debauched, then despotic and then finally we become enslaved to the monstrous governments we create. Then we always seem to look back and ask ourselves, “how did we get here?”

 We get here because many of us fail to study history or learn from history. It is so bad that even Europeans still look for signs of despotism from the right while ignoring the reality that despotism is a leftist phenomenon. Countless books have been written on this subject, including but not limited to Liberal Fascism, which is the book I have begun to call my red pill. While you and I may be asking ourselves why we didn’t take the blue pill as exhaustion sets in Obama continues to go over the head of congress to appoint more people with questionable ties to communism to positions of power, he continues to spend uncontrollably and more and more often his speeches seem to include comments about how he wishes he could do things without congress, and promises to do just that, like the dictators of European yore. What is more frightening is that his threats are met with cheers.

 This isn’t normal. The American system isn’t built upon the idea that we have one guy barking orders from the top. We have a system that was built to be slow. The hope was to ensure that legislation passed would be based on logic and reason and not the passions of the day. Today we have an overly emotional government, a government who call their constituents names and accuse them of incivility which is most of the time imagined. Unless that incivility is coming from the left, then it is celebrated as civil disobedience and heroism. Those calling for liberty and moderation in governance are being pegged as radicals and nut cases, those calling for despotism are elevated to the status of heroes.

 Those calling for responsible governance, and a return to the Constitutional first principals which built this nation would have been the heroes at one time. The establishment may have hated Ronald Reagan, but the people loved him and with good reason. Today we are cast as the villains because the news media and the Liberals and Progressives have separated the masses from reality. Case in point, the jobless numbers going down this past couple months is in part because people have abandoned their search for a job. Rather than report the number of people unemployed in total (15.2%) the government stops counting those who have stopped looking for work and collecting unemployment so they can report to you the prettier number of 8.5%. Worse yet is the reality that what jobs have been created are in retail and warehousing and are seasonal. There is always a seasonal bounce. I wrote about this last year! -1 Yet this always takes the media by surprise and the reaction is always to blame Republicans. I wish this were not normal, but it is par for the course, it’s a separation from reality that helps the despotic cause of the left.

  Republicans have not been in power since 2006. The then Democratic congress railroaded Bush who refused to use the veto pen in the name of fostering bi-partisanship. Democrats got everything they wanted then, then from 2008-2010 They had a super majority on both houses and the White House. They got everything they wanted, and today, they have a house controlled by capitulating Republicans, the Democrats still control the Senate and the White house, they are still getting everything they want, they just have to fight a little harder for it, but in reality, not much. All it takes for John Boehner to wet himself and cave in is a negative poll. That is reality, and what is happening in Washington is that this destructive president whose quest for limitless power seems to have no end has a rubber stamp congress who fear skewered polls more than the wrath of the people. That is not normal.

  The behavior of this government is inexcusable. What president in American history has dared to call his own people radicals, or nut cases? How dare he (Directly or through proxy) accuse dissidents of being racist without being willing to even consider the reality that his policies are the problem not something as inane as skin color. The incivility of this administration and his war on America is abnormal. We must vow to make him, and others like him in both parties, pay for their incivility. How dare they treat the grass roots this poorly? We need a government that will listen to the people, not berate and belittle us.

  That will be key in our quest to restore a sense of normality to the country. We have to calm the storm so that we can have a civil discussion about the direction we need to go. How do we answer the question of whether we are an entitlement society or an opportunity society when the people in charge are too busy calling you names to even address the question? In 2012 let us endeavor to elect men and women of honor who will treat us with the respect we deserve and the understanding that they serve us, not the other way around. A return to Normalcy, in part, would mean we can communicate with our elected representatives without having to be berated in return.


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