Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Attitudes

   There’s an old story about Thomas Jefferson. Once upon a time the president of Mexico arrived at the White House to meet with Jefferson but he arrived in the middle of the night. When he learned that the President had retired for the night he offered to just come back in the morning rather than disturb the POTUS. Jefferson appeared in his pajamas and assured his guest that it was fine to meet at the late hour as he wasn’t able to sleep any way. The President of Mexico apologized profusely for causing him to have to appear in his pajamas, a move so disrespectful toward a leader of the young country. Jefferson shrugged it off and replied, “In America the President is only one among equals.”
   This story may be just an old wives tale. I’ve heard it told many times, but I can’t seem to find an historic reference for it, but even so it illustrates the difference between our attitude toward the office of president as founded to what the media expects from us now.
   Never mind that Ronal Reagan was called stupid, never mind the way Brian Williams would put his finger in the face of George W Bush, of the way that Bush was ruthlessly demonized. We seem to forget the many Bush-as-Hitler posters Democrats would carry around or how Bush was falsely accused of plotting against American Citizens in the convoluted and easily disproved 9-11 Truth nonsense. Bush was not a great president, that’s true, but half of the things the media has said about him was utter nonsense… But we seem to forget that because to the media mistreating George W Bush is okay, hell it’s always okay to mistreat, misquote and misrepresent Republicans, not so much if your President is a Democrat. Suddenly opposition based on philosophical differences become evidence of racism, and when a border state governor stands up to that Democratic President for the way he has treated her state (He is actively suing them) somehow it’s not okay for her to raise her index finger toward him…
even though it was okay for Brian Williams, a so-called “journalist”, not an elected representative of a State, to do it to George W Bush… It’s not okay to be upset with the President for suing your state apparently, but it the President is a Republican we can blame him for Hurricane Katrina. I mean the Hurricane itself was apparently George W Bush’s fault, remember?  I sure as hell do, and the double standard pisses me off.
   With Reagan we saw a disparaging puppet show where he was portrayed as a warmonging dolt. Bush saw, not one, two disparaging shows on Comedy Central, That’s my Bush and Lil’ Bush both which portrayed him as… guess what? A warmonging dolt. Bush was even portrayed as “Curious George W Bush” in children’s books, but if your portray Obama as a monkey there’s hell to pay. Bush had entire rock albums “Rock Against Bush” put out against him… is anything out there on the market like that with Obama? Where’s the anti-Obama cartoons and CDs?
   Tying this back into the original narrative, our founding fathers never meant for the office of president to be revered. When Vice President John Adams proposed that the President be referred to as “His Majesty the President,” Washington chided him saying, “Mr. President will do.” Combine that with Jefferson’s comment that the President is “one among equals” than we can safely assume that the Office of President does not deserve the special treatment the media thinks Obama should be getting. We should not be panicking because a Governor is rightfully upset that his administration is abusing their power to sue a state that was trying to protect its citizenry form an increasingly violent hostile force. I’m sorry I’ve been seeing the pictures of what is happening along the border. Arizona is scared, and if the federal government won’t protect them then it falls to the state to protect itself. Of course most in the news media are ignoring the violence on the border, the kidnapping, the beheadings of Arizona Citizens, the random shootings of Arizona citizens and so forth… It would hurt Obama’s chances for re-election you see.
   While I do not advocate rudeness toward elected officials neither will I assume than just because they got elected they are somehow better than me. Obama, Brewer and the whole lot of them are just people with nothing special about them. People who were hired to do a job. I just happen to think Obama is doing a poor job and doesn’t deserve to keep that job, an opinion, I’m sure, I share with Jan Brewer another human being with nothing special about her who had every right to be angry with a President who himself is nothing special.
   The day we start seeing our leaders as God-Men rather than just men is the day we cease to be America where the people, not the president, are sovereign.  Are you prepared to do as the media has done and surrender your sovereignty? I am not. 

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