Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Republicans Should Go On Strike

Once more John Boehner has proposed a rubber stamp on something Obama wants. An extension of his gutting of Social Security for a full year… basically what Republicans proposed from the beginning but without finding offsets. The leadership complains that they can’t do anything else because we got hurt politically in the last round on this issue… No John… let me explain this since we “right wing extremists” seem to be the only ones interested in winning in 2012…

The reason the GOP is flailing around like Nicki Minaj while drunk at an exorcism dates back to the first quarter of their first year in control of the House since 2006… Remember Democrats had it from 2006 to 2010, and we only took the House in 2010. So really we’re only working on our second year, but the first sign of trouble came when we had a mandate to stop the insane spending and instead we capitulated. I did a video on the so called “compromise” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FofO16Ifvp4&feature=g-upl&context=G24196caAUAAAAAAAJAA
I made these videos back when I actually cared enough about politics to make these videos. However after being called “nut case” and “radical” by my own people for the last year as I have warned against capitulation and urged the party to stand up for itself and our values  I am not sure I do care anymore.  Whatever I will offer this advice anyway, not that anyone will listen.

This video sums up the problem, people wanted the budget cut, it didn’t happen. People wanted the Debt Ceiling kept stagnant, it didn’t happen. Instead of taking on Obama the Party has decided that it needs to get rid of the “nut case hobbit radicals.” Since they are more interested in beating grass roots activists that handed them their victory in 2012 than beating Obama the party has put itself in a situation where Obama remains completely unfettered, getting everything he wants, and the GOP is in shambles. The grass roots activists brought party registration to near 40% the highest it’s been in years, and it has now bleed to 27% according to a recent Gallup poll. The grass roots activists are going home and giving up. Nothing has changed, so why bother.

There is one more gambit the Republicans  could employ though that might actually turn this around, renew the broken spirit of the grass roots activists, drive the point home about the danger Government (Obama) unfettered and show the party still has a pair… Do what the Democrats did in Wisconsin. Strike. It actually worked for the Democrats, Scott Walker will likely be recalled, (but at least his political career will die having stood for something.) Two Republican Senators in WI have already been recalled. Why? Democrats created the illusion that Walker was ramming down “unfair legislation down the throat of the state.” People don’t like that. Walker and the GOP of WI moved forward without the Democrats and I promise you Obama would do the same. Bait him into an over reach he could not resist then once again enter Republicans to save the day… Only this time we had better damn well be united or we’re doomed. While the Democrats are chanting “recreate ‘68” the mantra of this strike should be “recreate 2010.”

Republicans need to stop playing female mantis after mating with the Tea Party and start going after the Democrats and their base (Occupy Wallstreet which is wildly unpopular) the way that we’re attacked. We should go on strike and explain to the people. “We can’t get anything done here because of the gridlock that’s been created by the hyper partisan president and the gridlock caused, not by us, but by the Democrat controlled Senate that won’t consider ANY of the bills we passed in the House. So since all of our ideas are tabled by Harry Reid and then Obama points the finger at us we’re done.”

It would take quite a pair in order to do something so bold. Democrats are retaking WI because they boldly stood (and lied about) their ground. Again it’s going to happen because the image was sold to the people that Walker rammed Public Union reforms down the throat of the state. Republicans won in 2010 because Obama rammed his spending and Obama care down the throats of America, but then the GOP screwed it up first by capitulating, then beating up the very grass roots organizations that gave them the House and ended the filibuster proof majority of the Democrats. Granted we fell two seats short of taking the Senate, but you could not have done it without us. And now because of your behavior you are turning more and more would be allies off of politics permanently. You don’t like being called RINOS? Think the activists have been to yelly-screamy? Set the example. These are ordinary folks who aren’t happy about the way things are going. You’re elected official. Set the example!  Reach out to people and encourage them to get to know you personally, don’t belittle them or they’ll stay home on election night and if you think loosing to the Tea Party is bad maybe you need a reminder what it’s like to loose to Democrats. With only 27% of the population registered as Republican you’re on track for just that.

I am running out of reasons to care about the fate of the GOP myself. I am not a nut case extremist. I’m the best damn volunteer the party has ever had in this state. Don’t tread on me or I’ll go door knocking for someone else. Now you guys had better pull it together and fast because if you fear another 1994 (in which we only lost a couple seats) that will be a drizzle compared to the Tsunami that will hit us in 2012 and we will loose everything. Which according to polls we’re on track to do right now. Good job Boehner. 

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