Sunday, August 26, 2012

Akin’s stubbornness could cost us the election

Akin fancies himself too much...
In 2010 I had one candidate who I knew in my heart was destined for great things. Those of you who know me know who that candidate was, everyone else I supported was, for me, about getting the best candidate possible and then getting them elected. The one I felt had a destiny for greatness lost, though I still have a hunch great things are on their way from him as he may have lost his race but other avenues have opened for him.
That candidate, incidentally, never let on that he felt a destiny’s call. If he did, he kept it to himself, however if there is one complaint I do have about us Conservatives is that we all tend to look at ourselves as “the Hero of Destiny.” We all look at politics as if we have donned the green tunic and cap, and have just entered the Temple of Time and the election is the fulfillment of our destiny as we draw forth the coveted Master Sword and set about on our quest to turn it into the Sword of Evil’s Bane before our mad dash to confront the evil Gannondorf. We’re all a buch of dorks.
That ego pales in comparison to the narcissism we’ve seen from Obama and the Radical extremists who have hijacked the Democratic Party in the last ten years, but it doesn’t stop us from failing to do the right things for the party. We tend to shun the idea that we should put the needs of the party ahead of ourselves. Frankly most of the time this is a good thing, there are lines in the sand which must be drawn. Ron Paul seldom backed down and now almost everything he has stood for has been implemented into the party platform in some fashion or another. There are times a hard choice has to be made and we should stand when it is right, but when something is so wrong as it could actually harm the cause of liberty one should recognize the need to step aside and let someone else give it ago.
Rep. Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape” are inexcusable. No Republican feels the way he does, he is clearly insane. Worse, he’s clearly not that bright. Nevertheless Akin’s comments will be used as an albatross to hang onto all of our necks. The right to life is a great argument to make, and yes, the left loves to complicate things by tossing out nuanced arguments, but every rule has an exception and our society has embraced exceptions for rape, incest or when the health of the mother is at risk. That is the Republican and Mormon for that matter, view of things.
I think I know what Akin was trying to say, but he should have said it this way, “I myself could not hold an unborn child responsible for the crimes of its father if it happened to my wife, nor could she, we would raise it as our own but that is our personal view of things and not reflective of the party at large. I personally believe that man is punished for their own sins and not for (their father’s) transgressions. But again that is not reflective of the party at large and I would not seek to change the accepted exceptions.” I know this feeling well because after 8 years of an uphill battle with my wife’s complex fertility issues, after 8 years of not being able to have a child though we desperately want one and adoption, I am sorry, is too expensive, we have developed a rather nuanced view, but it is one that requires careful explanation in today’s erratic and hyper-emotional political world.
Akin won’t back down. Recent polling suggests a ten point shift from a leans Republican Senate seat to a safe Democrat seat. Think about this for a minute, from leans Republican all the way to safe Democrat. Obama had been losing Missouri as well, he is now up one point. Not enough to write home about perhaps, but enough to where the GOP must take action to force Akin out. Ann Coulter proposed grabbing someone like Kit Bond, former Governor and Senator from MO, and running them in an all-out write in campaign. We’re going to lose this seat with Akin anyway; I think Coulter has a valid point. Claire McCaskill isn’t very popular, before Akin’s comments she was losing by ten points, now she is winning by ten points. -1
Thus far Ann Coulter has been the only one to throw her voice in the ring asking for the MO GOP to do a write in campaign with someone viable. I would like to add my voice to hers, though I cede the point I’m just a nobody from Tooele, but even so, it is important that our party do something about this and quick. Yes there’s a double standard in the media, yes Democrats get away with garbage like this all the time. Yes if you want to see real misogyny one need only look at how the Democrats and their collaborators in the news media have treated SE Cupp, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Nikki Haley, the list goes on for miles… but even so the double standard exists because unlike Democrats WE HAVE STANDARDS, and thus we ought to insist that our standard bearers accurately reflect our world views.
Since Akin’s messiah complex won’t let him see the need to step aside we ought to force his hand, if we can’t then Ann Coulter is right, a write in campaign is necessary. We cannot afford to lose that Senate seat or that state. Akin wasn’t the Tea Party candidate or even the establishment pick anyway, he was the result of an open primary where Democrats could vote on who our candidate would be. They obviously selected the easiest Republican to beat. Missouri’s GOP might also want to consider their election process and ask if it could be amended to prevent morons like Akin from getting the candidacy by adopting closed primaries, or even a system similar to Utah’s Neighborhood Caucus system which (despite the fantasies of the far left loons that write the SLTRIB and Deseret News) does a great job of weeding out the crazies.

1-Derrived from the Rasmussen Reports polling for the week of 8-20-12-8-26-12

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