Sunday, September 9, 2012

Frustrating Polls In Spite of Poor Economic Reports

Obama running against things no one is suggesting
Clinton gave a good speech, or so I heard. I cannot stand the Democrats any more, they are so extreme any one of them start talking and I tune out. Democrats too often jump immediately to “hate “and “racist” that it becomes hard to have a serious policy discussion. From what I hear Clinton broke that mold and did give a policy discussion, one that has a lot of pundits on the right worried, not because he was right, but because no one will fact check his numbers, which apparently need to be fact checked as he counts money used for Obamacare as though it could be used for Medicare at the same time creating a huge flaw in his math. You cannot spend the same dollar twice. I'm an artist not a mathematician, but double checking any politician's math regardless of party seems like common sense to me.

There are some facts that need to be considered with Clinton. His first two years were not that great, Republicans won an overwhelming sweep of the house and senate in the following two years and maintained it throughout Clinton’s tenure. Clinton was dragged to the middle by Newt Gingrich. The success we had in the 1990s was because Clinton and Gingrich were able to work together. In my perspective, Obama and Harry Reid in particular, have refused to work with John Boehner and the Republicans who only just barely seized control of the house in 2010. Boehner is not as strong of a leader as Gingrich was, but Obama is a lot more stubborn than Clinton.

The Republican controlled house has sent over 100 bills to Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate designed to curb spending and improve the job markets. Reid, in his eagerness to compromise, has tabled the majority of what has come out of the house. There is gridlock in congress, but not in the house, it is Harry Reid. But that is, of course, not what people who watch the 6 o’clock Obama Mania Media News are being told. One need only go to to follow what is happening there. Those guys, Republicans and Democrats, have been working hard to together to try and resolve this crisis, but the stubbornness of Harry Reid, and Obama threatening to veto key legislation has made all that work for naught.

Then comes the attacks on Paul Ryan who in his speech at convention referred to a factory Obama promised to save but ended up getting shut down. Fact Checkers allege that the factory shut down before Obama was inaugurated, but the truth is it was closed down in April after he was inaugurated. Whose fact checking the fact checkers? Did anyone hear that the fact checkers were wrong and that Rep. Ryan was right after all? No? Figures. 

Then comes the fact that the Democrats tried to remove God from their platform, tried to remove Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from their platform, spent a whole lot of time promoting this paranoid delusional “war on women” running against things no one on the right has said or suggested… And yet the Rassmusen polls this morning are devastating... For us.

Obama has 49%, Romney 45%, outside the margin of error. Obama has turned a corner and pulled out a lead that it is hard to see how or where Romney can recover. Has our country become so corrupt that we seriously look at what happened at the DNC and consider it a success? Are we so depraved now that we are okay with the change to their platform which not only endorses unrestricted abortion but promotes tax payer funding for it? Are we really okay that God and Jerusalem in their platform was only saved at the last second by slight of hand on the part of the party leaders and that the majority of the party kept screaming "no" to reinserting these terms and booed when the party leadership did it anyway? Are we so deceived by the main stream media that we are even willing to listen to them anymore? How is Obama not trailing by double digits?

Then to top it off, the job reports come out that only 96,000 jobs were added last month, and while Obama will claim further proof of job creation what Obama and his team, and the mainstream media always leave out when reporting this is the number of jobs lost, or the number of people who give up looking for work, estimated for the Month of August to be around some 300,000. The unemployment number is only below 10% at this time because we report the U3 number which does not count people who are no longer looking for work. We ought to look at the U6 number which stands at an alarming 14.7%-1 We have more people out of work now than we did before Obama was inaugurated. That is the reality of Obamanomics, well that and inflation but I have tried to explain that before here: 

When you put this into perspective its stunning that Obama seems to be overcoming an economic record of absolute failure, while we Republicans seem to be allowing ourselves to get distracted on issues like abortion. Let the Democrats attack phantoms and paranoid delusions and fantasies, Romney should also call them out for doing that, but we should go into working overtime to hammer the point more people are giving up looking for work than are finding jobs, and that is not a justification for re-election no matter what pretty words Bill Clinton was able to cobble together.

I would advise Romney to convey the message that he is completely different than Obama. Do not waver on a full repeal of Obamacare, hammer the damage it will do to the economy, hammer the unemployment record, hammer the spending and turn the allegations of gridlock in the direction it needs to go. This is Harry Reid and Barack Obama's record. We need a real change. 

1-For the current chart see here: and is based on statistics provided by the Department of Labor.

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