Sunday, March 17, 2013

All quiet on the blog front?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog and this one will be short, but I should be ready to start blogging again soon. See until recently I had a full time job and I always put my work first as much as I love to write. However poor market conditions (despite Chris Matthews rants to the contrary) lead to restructuring which left me and several of my colleagues without positions. I loved that job but have committed the fullness of my time since to finding other work and writing a new book which will launch soon first on Nook, then later on Kindle with a hardback version shortly thereafter.

Some friends have asked if I intend to do an audio book version, that all depends on if or how well the book sells and the accompanying demand. I do not suppose that selling this book will be easy. I have shocked a lot of folks by leaving the Republican Party and resigning my post with the YRs over frustration with the inter-factional fighting and all the whining and accompanying inaction. It’s my earnest hope, however, that those same people will buy the book, read it, and consider the proposals and creative critiques I offer to get the party moving forward again. But while we review the material for technical corrections it will free me up to blog again in the interim.

The book will be called “The Great Compromise,” it is the line in the sand I believe everyone right of center should draw on the social issues so we can have the adult conversations about our debt and deficits we need to have. The book does also contain a review and critique of each of the Right leaning factions, again, hoping that the information will allow for those who choose to remain involved to correct the errors and oversights I believe lead to the 2012 losses.  I do not have a price for you yet but it will be under $10.00. I hope you will keep an eye out for the book and pick up a copy and that you will find it helpful. 
In the end we have to come together, our movement whether called Libertarian, Republican or whatever your preference cannot last without some sort of formal unity, a willingness to hold our nose for some things so that we can hold our ground on more important matters. If nothing else think of it as a charitable donation to a worthy cause, the “make Daniel Moir filthy rich so he’ll buy some property in middleofnowhere, WY and shut up and disappear “ foundation.

More details forthcoming and more blogs again soon.

Thank you for your support. 

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