Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Promoting Paranoia Does Not an Election Win

I love Townhall Magazine, I love it because it’s writers generally reflect a world view not terribly different from my own, whether it’s Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell or Michelle Malkin, I generally feel the same way about things that they do. Once in a while there is a columnist who writes some absurdity that should not be tolerated if we really want to see any sort of come back in 2014, especially in light of the failure these George W Bushikins to unite the fractured party in 2012.

   Taking a que from left wing nut Mother Jones, this week columnist Paul Greenberg attempted to resurrect the myth that the GOP has been hijacked by extremists and conspiracy theorists. Oddly his column only points out a couple of elected officials who have made statements on gun control with whom he disagrees. He failed to bring up a single actual conspiracy theory to warrant his decrying of a so called “neo-Bircher,” again, just statements with which he disagreed. Once again a failed George W Bushikin bemoans the new blood in the party and years for a return to the failed policies and direction of George W Bush… well thanks to Obama we still have those failing policies… Anyone who wants real change is an “extremists” according to these old outdated white men who see the GOP only as a mechanism to keep themselves in power, even as the party collapses around them as they shun their own base by promoting paranoid delusional fantasies about the very people who elected them.

   Greenberg delves into personal attacks against Rand Paul, not for advocating conspiracy theories, but for his 12 hour filibuster. Remember that the premise of Greenberg’s article is based on the premise of a “neo-Bircher” promoting conspiracy theories taking over the GOP. Yet he could not identify a single person actually promoting a conspiracy theory in the GOP so he delivers personal attack after personal attack against people who are advocating Conservative positions, while he tries to maintain the idea that he himself is a Conservative. This sort of behavior is what I expect from the Democrats.

    People like Paul Greenberg have been at this since the Tea Party handed the GOP the House in 2010. Rather than celebrate the enormous victory they joined the Left in spreading fear of a fictional “extreme” wing of the GOP. In doing so they took the nation’s eyes off the extreme agenda of the Obama administration and placed it on a fantasy Right Wing boogey man.

   2012 was a year which saw the GOP spend millions of dollars to whip uninformed voters into an anti-Tea Party frenzy which lead to exactly the purge that Paul Greenberg calls for in his erroneous essay during a critical election year when we desperately needed to stand as a united party. The end result of this lack of unity was that three to four million registered Republicans fewer turned up to vote for Romney than what turned up for McCain, and had those voters turned up we’d have won.

   While “neo-Birchers” exist it is not a Republican phenomenon, they are the acolytes of Radio Host Alex Jones and are a small and inconsequential group who have zero power in the GOP or any political party except perhaps a small number of the Libertarian Party. They are the ones advocating actual conspiracy theories like “9-11 was an inside job,” or that the recent Boston Bombing Massacre didn’t actually happen. Rand Paul’s filibuster and elected officials accurately referencing the Founder’s notion that the second amendment was intended to protect the people from a power hungry government are not conspiracy theories. They are Conservative values and Conservative actions, after all, Conservatism is meaningless if we do not use it to defend our shared values.

   Paul Greenberg also erroneously proclaims that Conservatives (let’s read between the lines) will lead the GOP down the path of the Whigs, but it wasn’t Conservatives who destroyed the Whigs, that would be the Moderates. When the world demanded an end to slavery the Moderate Whigs compromised and gave us the Mason-Dixon line. When their base were enraged by this outrageousness they compromised again and gave us the Kansas-Nebraska Act. It took “Extremists” like Abraham Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens who refused to compromise with evil to see an end to Slavery brought about not by a Republican Party who compromised on Obamacare, oversaw a massive increase in taxes and are now capitulating on immigration without getting anything the right wants in return, but by an uncompromising and spirited Republican Party who with a loudmouthed Speaker Stevens at the helm called out slavery for the evil that it is and fought it with every ounce of strength they had. That is the GOP to which I was born into under the leadership of the late great Ronald Reagan a man who compromised on policy, but never on principal. That is the sort of leadership we need now.

   So long as we stand in the halls of Congress with a bottler of Astroglide in our hands eagerly awaiting the President to bend us over we will never win elections again. Adding 11 million new Democrat voters to this country will only ensure the end of the Red States flipping Texas, Arizona and Utah and further solidifying Florida and Colorado and Nevada as Blue States. Calling your own base voter “extreme” only ensures that they will stay home and it is that “compromise” where we continually get nothing to limit the damage which will put the GOP on the ash heap of history, not standing up for Conservative values.


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