Monday, October 21, 2013

Well that didn't take long...

Lately I’ve been posting new videos, hoping to regain my old audience once more. So far only about 30-40 are tuning in, but those folks, I’m sure, will recall that a couple weeks ago I predicted that the Democrats would blame Republicans for the botched launch of Obamacare. You may remember this screenshot I created in Photoshop using the real website and the real phone number as the basis…
Irony is that the Democrats have already begun. Here is a screenshot from MSNBC (Aka MSDNC).

That didn’t take long did it? Just to be clear, no Republicans voted for this monstrosity. Republicans have had a hands off approach to its implementation, many Republican governors have even refused to expand Medicare, or set up the exchanges the darn thing dictates. Obamacare only survived as a tax in the supreme court, and we have been treating it as one. We have been trying to defund, delay and repeal this monstrosity, and have failed.

Democrats have moved forward with Obamacare entirely without our support, and will continue to do so. They set up this website. They spend some six-hundred-million dollars to get this site going, and it is the failure of their technology that is at the heart of the “flub” that is the Obamacare launch.

Show me the Republican fingerprints on this one, MSNBC. Go ahead. I’ll be waiting right here.

MSNBC is so obviously a propaganda machine for the far left, it’s hard to believe anyone takes it seriously as news. At least Fox allows the other side a voice on its channel. And Fox will also issue corrections if they can be shown to be wrong… But don’t expect an apology from MSNBC. Instead, expect this to become the narration from the left. Obamacare failed… and it’s Republican’s fault. So now we need full on Government healthcare, singlepayer… As if the government intrusion that is Obamacare hasn’t already discredited the notion that Government can make healthcare better, but expect that narrative to be accepted so long as the GOP is too busy fighting itself to push back against the Democrats.

And in other new: Ann Coulter Vs Newt Gingrich, round one! Fight!
Man is the party in trouble with these two fighting now. Ann calling Newt a “Shyster,” him basically calling her irrelevant. I will say this, the day we stop playing Mortal Kombat with each other and turn our attention to the Democrats is the day we start winning elections, period. Newt, Ann, I like both of you, so knock it off.

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