Monday, November 11, 2013

I like Mike rally 2013

I apologize this was posted later than I had planned to post it. Better late than never.
Senator Mike Lee is an exceptional man. One of a few that actually cares about folks like me, who are not exactly rich, as you probably know. I have had the chance to sit down with the good Senator in years past, prior to his election. I was impressed with him then, and I am still impressed.

Senator Lee did not want a government shut down, nevertheless the Democrats did it so they could blame us for it. Utahns are not detoured in their support that I can see. The news media here is spinning it otherwise though. I assembled the footage in the hopes of assuaging concerns about Senator Lee's popularity. Contrary to the media spin, he is quite loved here still. If nothing else this should help frightened conservatives to find the courage to stand their ground.

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