Friday, July 15, 2016

Marvel, Sony and the GOPe Need to Grow Up

It’s difficult to pick a single topic to write about this week. A lot has happened. Marvel Comics’s SJW nonsense is on full display, as we now know that Civil War 2 will leave us with very few of our original heroes. The X-Men may be wiped out completely. In their place, politically correct re-envisionings. Hulk is dead, replaced. Iron Man MIA, replaced... the list goes on.  I have zero interest the replacement characters because of the political way that Marvel introduced them. After all, if you prefer Steve Rogers, The Real Thor, Tony Stark, or Logan… you must be an old white supremacist, don’t you know. Doubly so if you express your concern over the way these new “heroes” can’t seem to just share the world with the pre-existing heroes, but have to replace them. You are not welcome in this new "Progressive" Marvel. Its only for "New Demographics." DC, meanwhile, is moving in the opposite direction, restoring the original status quo. I grew up Marvel, but I guess Batman it is, until Marvel realizes it’s possible to have diversity, without alienating and outright attacking their longtime fans. Marvel needs to grow up.
Meanwhile, Sony has unleashed it’s Ghostbusters reboot on the world, and it is everything those of us
who hated the trailer were afraid it would be. A terrible movie.  Apparently, now hating a lousy movie is sexist, and misogynistic. No one I have known has ever once complained about the cast. They complained because the movie looked bad, and it is bad. Nevertheless, to fend off the critics, Sony Pictures has unleashed cries of discrimination, because if you don’t like it, you’re sexist. In the Progressive world, not liking something is a crime against humanity, don't you know. Sony needs to grow up.

Never Trump failed to have even a ghost of a chance to even have a debate over allowing delegates to vote their conscious, and quite possibly stop Trump before he leads us to disaster in November. The establishment lead the effort to quash the efforts to amend the rules to stop Trump, or even amend our election process so this cannot happen again. They basically just reinstated the 2012 rules to “avoid drama.” And yet, we now see Establishment commentators, Jason Taylor and Jay Caruso are chastising the Tea Party for being angry at the Establishment for caving in left and right, and blaming the Tea Party for the rise of Trump. They tell us to grow up or get out. Meanwhile Trump supporters tell us to bow down or get out. The Establishment, Trump and his supporters need to grow up.

Marvel comics sales are way down. They are averaging 20-30,000 copies per issue at best, and are in decline. The exceptions are Star Wars, and ironically, Nazi Cap. Both of which were top ten titles last month. DC dominated the sales charts last month, not Marvel. Marvel should be careful what they wish for. Longtime fans may actually leave.

Sony’s mistreating of the people who don’t like their new Ghostbusters movie may find empty seats in the theater, and they desperately need this film to be a success. If this movie under performs, then their SJW nonsense that they have hidden behind to deflect criticism will make them look all the more foolish. 

Trump, and the GOP establishment are both playing a very dangerous game. The establishment flocked to Trump immediately after Bush imploded. Rather than helping actual Republicans like Ted Cruz, the only one in the race who had a real shot at beating Trump, the establishment flocked to Trump, because “he will make deals.” Hatch, Boehner, McConnell, all of Faux News, GOPe cronie after GOPe crony all fell in line behind Trump… And now they are already blaming us for what THEY did. Because they don’t want us in their little elite party. Trump also does not want us in the party he bought and paid for. But the GOP may soon learn the lesson Marvel and Sony may well yet learn. When you tell people they are not welcome, they do leave. And come November, when the GOP is wiped out, and they lose the House, the Senate and the White House in the worst catastrophe since the Goldwater landslide, there will be no one to blame but themselves.  

Just as DC Comics is there for spurned Marvel fans, spurned Conservatives may find the invitation to the Libertarian Party difficult to resist. Be careful what you all wish for. You just might get it. 

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