Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trump Has Given Us President Hillary

Thank the Donald for this
I know there are some people who will freak out on me for calling this race already, but it’s pretty obvious that this is the inevitable outcome, unless the Delegates show some real balls at Convention. Donald Trump was the only Republican candidate regularly losing to Hillary in the polls from the time of his announcement. Even Ted Cruz, until the last month of a prolonged and particularly nasty primary, was ahead of Hillary in most polls. Logic would dictate that Republicans should have picked anyone other than Trump, but this was not a logical year.

Despite having low favorable, Hillary Clinton is leading Trump on an average of a whopping 6 to 12 points, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls. By being rude, crude, and a general know-nothing, Trump is singlehandedly turning people away from the GOP in droves. Registration for the third party Libertarian Party has skyrocketed, though they nominated someone as morally objectionable on social matters as Trump is on every single issue ever.

But for the idiocracy on the right, the FBI’s decision to let Clinton off the hook would not matter. She would have lost to anyone but Trump. But the fact of the matter is that the FBI acknowledged she was “careless,” a carefully chosen word to cover up gross negligence. We know that Hillary’s husband, Bill, met with the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, just a short time before the announcement. We know deals were made. We know how the system works, or more precicely doesn't work. We also know that if you or I got caught up in any sort of similar scandal, we’d be in jail by now. But I think we also knew she would get off the hook. Her name is Hillary Clinton, after all. Crime and scandal are nothing new to her family. Punishment for her crimes would be new though… but there is no way the Democratic controlled bureaucracy would ever lock a fellow Democrat up… ever. This is why it’s so important to force the Democrats out.

Tragically, this is not a serious conversation we can have right now, because our nominee has legal trouble up and coming too. A fraud case against Trump University looks to be just the beginning. I highly doubt Trump will be let off the hook. He may have spent the vast majority of his life as a Democrat, but for the last year he has been registered with the wrong party. Instead of a chior full of worshipful, "yeah, but Trump," to defend him, "yeah but Trump..." will be the clarion call of the Left to deflect criticism away from Hillary. 

Moreover, actual Tea Party minded Republicans are getting squashed here in Utah by Count my Millions. As the Super Mega-Rich use the new system exactly as I feared they would, ignoring the people and flooding the air waves with negative attack ads… It’s hard to even want to be in the same party as some of those so called “moderates,” who are not interested in the needs of the people, and only care about writing laws to benefit their own business desires. Or as our Governor would say to the lobbyists representing those business interests, “we may not agree on everything, but if you donate to me now, I will give you everything you want!”

We will have four years of absolute Democrat control because we cannot get our act together. We can largely thank Trump for that, but certainly he is not alone. We can also thank the Chamber of Commies as well, the so-called “business men” who keep mucking things up for us, so they can float themselves off our backs. I wonder if in four years Republican voters will lose their infatuation with business men and once more start supporting candidates who are serious about liberty, law and order? Is that too much to hope for? 

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